The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 585: It Was Weird
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 585: It Was Weird

Qixing Palace’s disciple responded and they cast their flying sword magic weapons.

Sparks were everywhere instantly; roar resounded in the sky. Two groups of people went into a fight.
The two martial artists of the Gold Core stages, plus several people at the peak of the Meridians stage surrounded Ouyang Haoxuan. It was a formation that would not allow him to escape.

Even the people surrounding Hexi to take her life were not as many as those around Ouyang Haoxuan.

Hexi raised an eyebrow in surprise.

She always felt that Feng Yunhai became strange after he knew Ouyang Haoxuan’s identity, or that the attitude of Feng Family people became strange.

They were shouting to teach Ouyang Haoxuan a lesson, but they were very careful in their moves. they seemed to be afraid of hurting Ouyang Haoxuan.
In addition, most of the experts were around Ouyang Haoxuan. This was showing that they wanted to catch him alive.

What is the Feng Family trying to do? Why do they want to catch Ouyang Haoxuan?

Although most of the Feng Family’s force was attracted by Ouyang Haoxuan and Hexi.

However, the number and strength of the Feng Family were still much larger than Qixing Palace.

In particular, Feng Yunhai’s men were almost at the advance stage of the Meridians stage or even the peak of the Meridians stage.
On the side of Xia Yichen, except for his own cultivation which was at the peak of the Meridians stage, most of his fellow apprentices were at most at the early stage and middle stage of the Meridians stage.

So after a battle, Qixing Palace quickly fell behind.

The situation on Ouyang Haoxuan’s side was also not so optimistic. The strength of the two Gold Core stage masters surrounding him were exceptional, and they even had powerful magic weapons in their hands.

In addition, there were three or four on the peak of the Meridians stage to interfere with him. Now that his strength was suppressed to the Meridians stage, so he gradually became unable to cope with the situation.
One of the martial artists on the Gold Core stage saw that he was short of spiritual power, and he immediately overjoyed, shouting, “Give me the natural silks. Catch him, then our credit will be…

However, before this man finished his words, Ouyang Haoxuan suddenly channeled his flying sword.

His eyes were so cold and ruthless. He actually ignored all the people who attacked behind him and ruthlessly cut toward the hands of the Gold Core stage martial artist.

“Ahhh!!” The Gold Core stage martial artists uttered a terrible misery.

The hand that was holding onto the natural silk was chopped down forcefully; his severed limb was splashing blood everywhere.
For a moment, those who were attacking Ouyang Haoxuan were stunned.

They never thought that this young man with normal cultivation would actually be so ruthless.

When he hacked at this Gold Core stagemartial artist, he completely exposed his back and weakness to the enemies behind him.

This was basically the same as risking his own life!

Feng Yunhai was also startled, then he immediately shouted, “What are you all doing? Since he can’t appreciate what is good for him, then you just cripple him and then catch him.”

Feng Family’s disciple responded immediately. They took out all the magic weapons in their hands.

As Ouyang Haoxuan, who didn’t seem to be able to guard on time, was about to be seriously injured, there were dozens of purple lights shooting out from the blind angle. They were aiming at the Feng Family’s disciples behind Ouyang Haoxuan like sharp arrows.
“Pch —— Pch ——”

There were several consecutive sounds of sharp blades penetrated the flesh, then followed by the horrible misery of the people.

Immediately after that, the Meridians stage martial artists who wanted to attack Ouyang Haoxuan suddenly crumbled to the ground.

Their eyes turned white, their faces were gray and grey, and they looked like they were dying.


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