The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 586: Little Golden Dragon’s New Skills
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 586: Little Golden Dragon’s New Skills

A purple vine was piercing through their chests. The leaves were trembling as they sucked their flesh happily.

The only one who could survive from the vine attack was the only Gold Core Stage martial artist.

But the vine had cut an opening on his throat. He was standing on the spot in horror; he was unable to move.

Before the group was completely sucked into dry corpses, Hexi waved her hand and the vine flew back to her.

Feng Yunhai looked incredibly at the handsome young man standing not far away.

Isn’t this kid only Foundation Establishment stage? Why… why can a single hit make the martial artists at the top of the Meridians stage unable to fight back?!

Feng Yunhai’s complexion fluctuated, and he suddenly took out a yellow talisman from his arms.

This was the Thunderbolt Talisman given by his elder in the family. The full blow of the talisman could even make the martial artists at the peak of the Gold Core stage unbearable.

Feng Yunhai gritted his teeth and spit his blood on the talisman, then he suddenly activated the talisman and rushed toward Hexi.

Xi Yue, this slut, make our Feng Family lose face. Now he dares to show off in front of us and spoil our important matter.

I must let this bitch die without a trace in this Breaking Spirit Mountain!

Seeing Hexi’s figure already appeared in front of him, but she still didn’t realize it.

There was a smirk in Feng Yunhai’s eyes, and the talisman in his hand was about to burst open. “You scum, die now…”

Feng Yunhai’s arrogant shout came to an abrupt end.

He couldn’t believe seeing a little gray-black dragon appearing in front of his eyes.

The little dragon opened his mouth to him, exposing his white and sharp teeth and grinning with ill intention.

Then, his talisman was swallowed by the little dragon.

It was… swallowed in one bite.

The little dragon made a burp and spat out a black smoke, then it murmured at Hexi, “Boss, this talisman is not tasty at all. The cinnabar used for painting talisman is not pure, but this spiritual power is quite rich, but it is still enough for a snack, hehe…”

This little magic dragon was of course transfigured by the Little Golden Dragon into the image of the doll T-Rex.

After he was injured, he swallowed a lot of monster essence pills before completely recovered. Monster essence pill contained magical beast cultivation and essence. After swallowing more monster essence pills, Little Golden Dragon slowly acquired some basic skills of the other magical beasts.

This taste and ability to devour talisman was one of the new skills learned by Little Golden Dragon.

Feng Yunhai widened his mouth as he looked at the little dragon in front of him, then he looked at Hexi again with a horrified face.

Hexi sneered, lifted her feet, and trampled on Feng Yunhai’s fat belly fiercely.

Feng Yunhai let out a horrible scream like a pig being slaughtered. He flew out like a kite with broken line and fell on the ground.

The blood in his mouth continued to flow, and his dantian was having a burning pain. Feng Yunhai stared at Hexi fiercely. His eyes filled with horror and resentment.

Xia Yichen and others were originally suppressed by the Feng Family’s disciples, but Hexi’s one move reversed the situation all of sudden.

One of the two Gold Core stages of the Feng Family was crippled; one was injured. The injured one is now being suppressed heavily by Ouyang Haoxuan.

In addition, those experts at the peak of the Meridians stage were also crippled by Hexi.

The leader, Feng Yunhai, was even kicked out by Hexi and rolled on the ground like a turtle.

Xia Yichen was particularly happy to see Feng Yunhai suffered a hit. He laughed out loud, “The Feng Family’s disciples only have this little strength. They want to besiege a Foundation Establishment stage kid, but they were beaten up by him utterly!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》