The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 596: Such Dirty Ac
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 596: Such Dirty Ac

So when the voice of this martial artist came out, he suddenly attracted the attention of the whole hall.

The Elder Xia who was speaking looked ugly, and the disciple beside him immediately reprimanded, “What’s so noisy? Do you not understand the rules!”
The martial artist who screamed also had astonishment on his face, but his expression was mostly feeling weird.

From time to time, he glanced at Feng Lianying, not far away, with a colorful expression on his face.

When Elder Xia’s disciple saw that he was not talking, his face immediately turned dark. He walked down and shouted, “What did you just watch? Hand it out!”

This man dared to be so disrespectful to their Qixing Palace. He must not be spared.

The martial artist shuddered, and then held back his fear and surprise as he handed out the item.
As he handed it in, he whispered: “I… I really don’t know… I just received a message from a friend saying that there are good things on the blackmarket, and I must watch… I… I really don’t know it will be this … I didn’t intend to interfere with Elder Xia’s speech. Please forgive me, senior!”

Elder Xia’s disciple frowned and took over the inscribed jade slip in his hand.

This inscribed jade slip looked unique, but most of the people in the Miluo Continent should know it.

This was the inscribed jade slip that allowed martial artists to enter the blackmarket virtual space. It was also the identity of martial artists.
The purchase and operation of the same inscribed jade slip could only be completed by a single martial artist, but if someone wanted to watch the purchased item, it could be share it with others. It could even project the video and play it directly.

That Elder Xia’s disciple belonged to the elite of the martial arts, but things like blackmarket were generally only visited by some lone martial artists or the sect disciple of the lower rank.

So after getting the inscribed jade slip, he injected his spiritual power before trying to understand the operating principle at all.

The inscribed jade slip was instantly activated when spiritual power was injected.
Immediately afterward, a huge screen was projected in the center of the hall.

Two intertwined figures soon appeared on the screen. They rolled in the grass without any clothes on them.

The woman’s hair was loose. Her hands and feet were tightly wrapped around the man, and she was hugging his neck with an unbearable longing.

And the man was slapping the woman while posing the woman in various promiscuous and slutty poses.

The most incredible thing was that besides the pair of entangled woman and man, there were still a few ugly men whose clothes were untie clinging, biting and rubbing the woman constantly.
But instead of feeling ashamed, the woman showed a very excited and enthusiastic expression. She even occasionally hugged the men’s ugly heads and pressed them in her chest.

Everyone knew these ugly men.

But this man and woman, everyone recognized them as soon as possible.

Feng Lianying, the Miss of Feng Family and the young master of Liu Li Sect.

Nie Jinchen, Liu Li Sect’s senior fellow apprentice.

These two, who were neatly dressed and looked glamorous on the surface, actually did such dirty act in Breaking Spirit Mountain.

In particular, Feng Lianying, who usually looked pure and holy and couldn’t tolerate other’s humiliation and trample, was actually so hot and lustful in private.
Many male martial artists were even excited to see this scene.

There was a weird silence in the hall. Even needle drops could be heard.

Elder Xia’s disciple’s hand was loose, and the inscribed jade slip fell to the ground. The image in the hall disappeared without a trace.

That disciple looked at the crowd, at Master, and at the Feng Family’s people whose face was stagnant, and he stuttered, “I don’t know… I really don’t know …”


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