The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 597: Utterly Shameless
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 597: Utterly Shameless

He really didn’t know that after the inscribed jade slip was activated, it would play such a shameful harem scene!


Feng Lianying suddenly woke up and uttered a scream that sounded like it was going to tear her throat.

Then blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

The pair of resentful hatreds, staring at Hexi like a banshee. She kept mumbling, “Slut, it’s you… It must be you who frame me… ! Slut, I won’t let you go — !!!”

Her voice suddenly increased, then it seemed to be stuck in his throat. Feng Lianying’s eyes turned white, and she fainted on the ground as she could no longer bear it.

The face of the Feng Family could no longer be described with ugliness.

Coupled with the absence of Feng Yunjing, they were flustered. They only felt that everyone looked at them as if they were laughing at and mocking them.

The Miss of the dignified Feng Family turned out to be having wild sex in Big Hunting Match.

Nevermind if she was having wild sex, but it was not with a man, but seven or eight men.

How could such a shameless act not be laughed at?

However, when did their Feng Family ever suffer such humiliation? How could the Feng Family apprentices endure such ridicule?

The middle-aged man who had the highest cultivation suddenly raised his hand and slapped Nie Jinchen ruthlessly. He said harshly, “Why are you guys still standing there? Quickly carry him and leave! Do you still want to stay here to embarrass yourself??”

“Yes.” Nie Jinchen covered his face and lowered his eyes, making people unable to see his expression.

The middle-aged man resentfully said, “Wait until I settle the score with you! Look at the good things you have done. Let’s see how you explain to your master when we are back!”

After speaking, he swung his sleeve angrily and left without bothering Nie Jinchen.

When the other disciples of the Feng Family saw the Master’s Senior left, how could they have the face to stay after feeling the ridiculed eyes of everyone? They carried Feng Lianying and left dejectedly.

After the Feng Family had left, a loud burst of laughter broke out in the hall.

This time the Feng Family really made a huge loss in the Big Hunting Match! They were so shameful, hahaha!

On the stage, Elder Xia gripped his fist and put it near his lips, then he made a cough. He held back his smile and said, “Everyone please be quiet. Don’t worry about the insignificant things. Now we start to count the results of Big Hunting Match.”

After hearing the words of Elder Xia, the martial artists in the hall stopped the noise and looked up at the stage with anticipation.

Over the past month, they had lived in the wild and wrestled with magical beasts just to get good results.

Today was the time to reveal their results.

One by one, the martial artists handed in their monster essence pills in the storage utensils. Some were a dozen and some were hundreds.

The disciples of the four major sects responsible for reviewing the achievements of these martial artists projected them on the inscribed jade slip so that everyone could see them.

“Shui Yue Sect, Ji Xinghuo, Meridians stage, turned in 87 pieces of rank four magical beast monster essence pills.”

“Qingxia Sect, Shi Feiyu, Gold Core stage, turned in 35 pieces of rank five magical beast monster essence pill.”

“Qixing Palace, Xia Yichen, Meridians stage, turned in 122 pieces of rank four magical beast monster essence pill.”


As the achievements of the martial artists were projected, the whole hall was in turmoil.

Among the Meridians stage martial artists who have turned in the monster essence pill today, the monster essence pill obtained by Xia Yichen was far ahead.

This made the people at Qixing Palace extremely happy. Even Elder Xia, who had always been serious, could not help but caressing his beard, showing a smile of relief.


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