The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 603: The Brutality of the Beas
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 603: The Brutality of the Beas

A few black-shirted man figures rolled as they fled to her direction.

As they rolled, they shouted sternly.
“… Help… here… he is here… help… ahhh!”

However, without waiting for them to run a few steps, their bodies were torn into pieces.

Blood was splashing everywhere; internal organs were falling all over; the air was full of disgusting breath.

Hexi knew she should enter the darkness to hide her breath, but she didn’t know why.

Feeling the breath that covered her from afar, her footsteps could not move.
That breath was too cruel, but it was too sad, desperate, angry and mad.

The last black-shirted man fled only ten steps away from Hexi and issued a sharp shout: “Save me— I don’t want to die. Save me —!!!”

However, in the next moment, he was torn in half, and his internal organs and flesh fell on the ground.

And when he was torn open, the mouth was still wide open. His eyes were full of fear.
Hexi felt a bloody smell and the warm blood splashed on her face that made her want to vomit.

Immediately afterward, the body that was torn apart was thrown away. A shadow approached her slowly in the darkness.

The low whine and roar, the rich bloody smell, and the scorching and burning sensation that could only be felt when approaching.

It wasn’t until the dark figure stood in front of Hexi that she realized that the shadow in front of her that roared like a beast and killed dozen of people in an instant turned out to be … a person.
Black Shadow approached her step by step, the burning breath brought a burning sensation on her skin with a bloody brutality.

Those eyes that were also shining in the dark night were completely like the vertical pupils of the beast, but they exuded the color of blood that was scary.

Hexi swallowed her saliva. Her long, cold fingers held onto the invisible needle. She said with a hoarse voice, “Who are you?”

There were countless footsteps rushing toward this side quickly from far away.

The group of black-shirted men obviously came to catch the person in front of her.
“Roar ~~~~~~~” A roar came from the dark figure’s throat. It was mixed with the man’s husky voice and the ferocious brutality of the beast.

The invisible needle in Hexi’s hand was almost shot out, but suddenly the light from the illuminating stone was lightly projected on the dark figure.

It was just a short moment. It was almost a blur when the light shone on the dark figure and turned dark.

Hexi’s hand suddenly stopped. Her eyes were widening in disbelief. “Ouyang Haoxuan? !!!”

How could it be Ouyang Haoxuan?!!


The time went back a few hours before the ending of the Big Hunting Match’s closing ceremony.

In a remote cave at the foot of Breaking Spirit Mountain, Ouyang Zhixiong opened his eyes in a daze.
At the moment of consciousness, he only felt that his whole body was sour as if he were to melt. His original cultivation of the Gold Core stage seemed to be solidified by something. He couldn’t exert it at all.

Ouyang Zhixiong looked around, and what he saw was a few masked men in black.

There were only two leaders standing before him. One was dressed in a white scholar robe of ordinary appearance, and the other was tall, wearing a dark red robe with a woven pattern, but he was wearing a black mask on his face, covering most of his face.

Seeing Ouyang Zhixiong waking up, both of them came toward him. An invisible spirit pressure rushed to his face, making Ouyang Zhixiong shudder.


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