The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 614: The Instinct of the Beas
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 614: The Instinct of the Beas

Feng Yunjing’s muscles and nerves were tense all over his body, and his hands quickly formed a gesture, controlling the dark shadows condensed in the Rakshasa Flag to swallow Ouyang Haoxuan.

However, as soon as the shadow came into contact with the blood of Ouyang Haoxuan, he shivered in extreme agony and retreated in fear.
Feng Yunjing’s complexion changed so much that he had no time to dodge, and Ouyang Haoxuan had hit his shoulder with a palm.

Feng Yunjing was blown back. He only felt a burning pain in his left shoulder, then he lost consciousness again.

He turned his head in horror and found that a hole in his left shoulder was melted by the fire element.

Both his flesh and the bones were burned by the terrible fire spiritual power.

Ouyang Haoxuan raised another beast-like roar in the sky, staring at Feng Yunjing brutally with crimson eyes. He charged at Feng Yunjing again with a murderous intention.
At this moment, Feng Yunjing’s face finally showed some fear.

He shivered as he took out a whistle and put it on his mouth, blowing the whistle in a hurry and panic.

Expensive and powerful magic weapons were taken out by him and blocked in front of him. His trembling hands controlled the magic weapons, and he could not hide his fears.

Seeing that Ouyang Haoxuan was about to reach him, suddenly the fire spiritual power on Ouyang Haoxuan’s body was like a flame that extinguished after the fuel was gone.
Ouyang Haoxuan stumbled down on the ground. His body was dark. After the heat was gone, he was still twitching and shaking.

Feng Yunjing was stunned for a moment, then he overjoyed.

Ouyang Haoxuan’s power of self-explosive gold core finally could not support the powerful power of Fire Element Spirit Pearl and collapse.

He stood up with the severe pain in his shoulder. As he just stood still, a few shadows appeared in front of him. They bowed to him as they said, “Young Master!”
Feng Yunjing pointed to Ouyang Haoxuan on the ground and said in a deep voice, “Tie him up and put him in a ten thousand years darksteel (a type of fictional rare material) cage. Let’s go right away.”

The movement just now was too big. Although he has covered up with the array, it was hard to guarantee for a master like Shen Sen to not discover it on Breaking Spirit Mountain.

The men in black bowed and responded, then they rushed toward Ouyang Haoxuan who had fallen to the ground.

One of the men in black transfigured a darksteel cage in his hand.

He opened the iron door of the cage and said to his companions, “Throw him in.”
The companions around him nodded as they bent over to grab Ouyang Haoxuan.

As his hand just grabbed Ouyang Haoxuan’s hair, Ouyang Haoxuan, who seemed to be unconscious, suddenly looked up.

The man in black retrieved his hand abruptly, making a short scream subconsciously.

Because at this moment, he met a pair of crimson eyes. This was a pair of scary eyes he had never seen before.

It was scarlet like blood, but his eyeballs weren’t round as usual, but they became vertical pupils like a beast.

There was no trace of sanity and consciousness in those eyes. The only thing left was the instinct of killing, bloodlust and wild.

As the man in black shouted, before he could warn his companions he felt a black shadow rushing toward him. There was a piercing and burning pain on his shoulder.
Immediately afterward, he couldn’t even make a scream. He was torn into two into half forcefully.

Everyone was stunned by the scene before them.

Blood, internal organs, fur, eyes; all horrible things flying in the air and rolling on the ground.


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