The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 618: The Death of Ouyang Zhixiong
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 618: The Death of Ouyang Zhixiong

“General Ouyang, how are you?”

Ouyang Zhixiong’s face looked confused for a while, and his eyes looked dispirited, but after a moment, his body twitched suddenly, then grabbed Hexi’s wrist, “Haoxuan… Haoxuan… my son…”
Hexi’s bone made a creaky sound being clutched by his blood-stained hands, but her face did not show a bit of pain. She just said with a calm expression, “General Ouyang, rest assured, I have met Ouyang Haoxuan, he let me rescue you. ”

“Haoxuan… is fine…?” Ouyang Zhixiong didn’t believe it, and he asked with a hoarse tone, “Feng Yunjing… let him go?”

Hexi nodded and said, “Ouyang Haoxuan was injured, but I will heal him.”

“It’s great… great…” The hot tears fell from Ouyang Zhixiong’s eyes with despair and hope, “Miracle Healer Xi, please save him… make sure you save him!”

Hexi only felt sour in her heart. She held Ouyang Zhixiong’s hand and said in a hoarse voice, “You can rest assured about that. I was able to heal his meridians previously, so this time I can still save him.”
“Thank you… At least Haoxuan can be saved… That’s great…”

Ouyang Zhixiong’s face showed a gratifying smile, and the initial vitality that appeared slowly disappeared again. “Miracle Healer Xi, it’s great that… you can accompany him… I want you to tell my son… Sorry that his dad and mom can’t stay with him anymore… leaving him alone… However, he still has you fortunately…”

Hexi said in a deep voice, “General Ouyang, please don’t say that, I will find some ways to save you …”

“No… No… I… I’m going to accompany Xiangyun …” Ouyang Zhixiong said softly in a hoarse voice. “Xiangyun has always been timid and afraid of loneliness. I’m afraid she will be waiting alone in the afterworld, and she will be sad… I… I am going to accompany her… I promised her… to always be with her…”
“Young Master Xi, thank you!” Ouyang Zhixiong reached out and pulled out a black wood carving from his arm, shoving it into Hexi’s hands. He said softly, “It’s really… good… that I can see you before I die… I have nothing to repay you… This is… Zhenwei Army’s commander’s seal… ”

“Although the Zhenwei Arm … nominally belongs to the army of the Jinling Royal Family, in fact it is… actually my private army… they only follow my command… Young Master Xi, you can take this seal. Together with Haoxuan… Haoxuan’s identity, you can mobilize 100,000 troops… I’m entrusting Zhenwei Army and Haoxuan… to you… ”

“Feng Family… Feng Family—— !!!” Ouyang Zhixiong’s body twitched, then his eyes turned white again, “You must revenge on Feng Family for me-!!!”

As soon he said that, he suddenly lost his breath, but his eyes were still staring; his eyes full of hatred and unwillingness.
Hexi sighed softly, closed his eyes for him, and put his body into the storage ring.

As she spread open her slender palm, there was a black jade carved into the shape of a magical beast.

The word “Zhenwei” was inscribed below the jade. This was the seal that could mobilize 100,000 Zhenwei Army.

General Ouyang gave this army seal to her was to repay her kindness, and on the other hand, he wanted her to ensure his son’s safety.


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