The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 620: Being Caught for Committing a Crime on the Spo
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 620: Being Caught for Committing a Crime on the Spo

“You actually dared to kill General Ouyang and Mrs. Ouyang at the foot of Breaking Spirit Mountain, and now you even say that you want to kidnap me? Aren’t you afraid that the other three major sects will condemn you Feng Family?

“What a joke!” Feng Yunjing sneered. “The people and things that Feng Yunjing asks for, I will always get them. He is only a general of the Jinling Kingdom. He is just an ant in my eyes. So what if I kill him? What can the Jinling Kingdom do to me? ”
“As for the other three major sects, do you think they would go against the Feng Family for you Xi Yue? Hehe, Xi Yue, don’t dream!

His eyes narrowed slightly, and he slowly walked forward. The falcon-like gaze fixed on Hexi as if he was going to swallow her. “Xi Yue, this time, you came to deliver yourself to me, then you don’t even think of escaping from my hand! ”

“Oh, is it?” Instead of panicking, Hexi smiled lowly. The smile was full of provocation and contempt. “Feng Yunjing, do you dare to speak those words in front of these people behind you again? ”

Feng Yunjing’s face changed suddenly. He suddenly turned around and he met Shen Sen’s ambiguous smiling face.

Behind Shen Sen were the disciples of Qingxia Sect, as well as Emperor Shangguan Wenji and Prince Shangguanqi of the Jinling Kingdom.
Shen Sen’s cold eyes looked at Feng Yunjing and slowly said, “Young Master Feng, I just heard you say that you killed the General Ouyang and his wife like you are just stepping on two ants. I don’t know if it is true?”

Feng Yunjing’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and he glanced at Hexi with his eyes full of anger and coldness.

He snorted coldly, then he said lightly, “Elder Shen, don’t you think you are bothering others’ business too much? Whether it is Ouyang Zhixiong or Xi Yue, it seems that they have nothing to do with your Qingxia Sect right?”

Shen Sen’s face sank. He said fiercely, “They have nothing to do with my Qingxia Sect, but Master Feng, don’t forget, Big Hunting Match has regulations that no one can be killed during the competition, let alone in killing anyone in the Breaking Spirit Mountain. This is the rule we set together, does Feng Family want to break the rule? ”
Feng Yunjing’s eyes sank. He suddenly said, “Elder Shen, did you see my Feng Family killing anyone? You accuse me of killing people just base solely on Xi Yue’s words, do you Qingxia Sect really think that our Feng Family is easy to bully? ”

Shen Sen’s expression looked stagnant. He indeed did not see Feng Yunjing killing anyone.

However, without waiting for them to speak, Hexi suddenly took a step forward and took out the General Ouyang and his wife body from the storage ring.

Her movements were gentle and solemn as if she was handling a fragile porcelain.
However, when she opened the white cloth covering General Ouyang and his wife, all the people present took a deep breath.

The broken body; the bruised scars; the broken limbs; each of them seemed to be telling the pain and torture that the General Ouyang couple had experienced before they died.

Even Shangguan Wenji couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Sir Ouyang, how could… how could it be ?!”

Hexi stood up. Her cold eyes slowly looked at Feng Yunjing and the black-shirted man behind him.

The clear and cold voice echoed clearly in the silent night, “I accidentally went into the cave, and I saw this scene already. Mrs. Ouyang was dead, but General Ouyang still had his last breath.”
As soon as Hexi said that, Feng Yunjing’s expression suddenly changed. His cold eyes stared at her deadly as if he would rush over to break her neck if she said one more sentence that she shouldn’t say.


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