The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 622: This Was Going Too Far
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 622: This Was Going Too Far

His eyes glanced through the bodies of Ouyang Zhixiong and his wife on the ground; they looked so miserable and so sad.

This was the minister who was most loyal to him. He held 100,000 troops to protect his Shangguan Family.
Today, he was killed by Feng Yunjing in a simple sentence that he had committed treason, and he still wanted him to admit that Feng Family was killing the Ouyang Family for Shangguan Wenji.

This is going too far!

Feng Family is going too far in threatening me!!

Shangguan Wenji’s body was trembling violently. His lips kept opening and closing. He tried to speak, but he couldn’t spit out half a word.

It wasn’t until Feng Yunjing’s eyes revealed a murderous intention that Shangguan Qi caught his father’s hand and stepped forward, “Feng… Young Master Feng is right, Ouyang Family committed treason, so he and his family… should be executed…”

“Feng Family killed the Ouyang Family, it was… it was helping our Shangguan Family to remove the traitors. Our… our Shangguan Family is grateful for that!”

As soon as Shangguan Qi said this, Feng Yunjing immediately smiled.
The black-shirted men of Feng Family also showed triumph in their eyes.

As expected, the royal family of such a small country, Jinling, how dare they offend our Feng Family? It was just a general who died. If King of Hell was not in town, what if the Feng Family directly destroyed Jinling?

Shen Sen and others looked very ugly.

Even an Idiot could see the absurd and ridiculous reason for Feng Yunjing’s murder. He didn’t even intend to cover it up.

However, the affirmation of the Jinling Royal Family made them have to give up on pursuing the case.
Coupled with the power of the Feng Family, no one wanted to go into conflict with the Feng Family for just a Ouyang Family, so this matter could only go unresolved.

“Since there is nothing wrong, then we Feng Family will leave first!”

Feng Yunjing took a deep look at Hexi, then he greeted Shen Sen casually and left quickly.

Hexi took a long sigh of relief as he watched Feng Yunjing and others walked away.
After relaxing for a while, she only felt a cold spine as if she had just stepped out from the hell gate.

When she met Ouyang Haoxuan a while ago, she sent a message to Shen Sen and asked him to come to the foot of the mountain.

Now it seemed that fortunately, she was decisive at the time, otherwise she and Ouyang Haoxuan would have fallen into the hands of Feng Yunjing.

Hexi carefully retrieved General Ouyang’s body into the storage ring.

Shangguan Wenji’s shuddering voice stopped her, “Please return Sir Ouyang’s body to me, I will surely organize a lavish burial.”
Hexi looked at him with a sneer. Her eyes were full of disdain. “Lavish burial? With what identity? As a traitor? Shangguan Wenji, won’t you feel shame to say this!”

Shangguan Wenji shuddered as he heard the words, and Shangguan Qi shouted fiercely, “Impudent! What are you? You dare to talk to my father like this!”

“Who are you again!” Hexi hadn’t spoken yet, Shen Qingchuo stepped forward, pointing at Shangguan Qi’s nose and yelling. “You can’t even protect your general. You let the Feng Family show off their power in front of you guys. You accused General Ouyang as a traitor just to protect your throne. Pui, you coward, what qualification do you have to talk to Young Master Xi!”

Shangguan Qi was being scolded until his face turned gloomy, but what identity was Shen Qingchuo, and what was the Shen Family’s identity? He dared to scold Hexi, but how dared he argue with Shen Qingchuo.

Shangguan Wenji seemed to look older at this time. He muttered, “Forget it, go back… let’s go back …”

After talking, without waiting for Shangguan Qi, he walked back to the palace from the Breaking Spirit Mountain with the help of the imperial guards.


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