The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 625: Dead Body
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 625: Dead Body

Hexi had done a soul control on this group of slaves, and she let them take the improved bone muscle enhancement pill. After that, these people cultivate qi easily. Those with excellent qualifications such as Mu Dong had already cultivated to Qi Refining stage.

So just like Xi Jia and the others, little maid like Mu Dong also extremely admired Hexi. They only felt that they had really accumulated the kindness of a few lives, so they could be bought by such a master. Besides, Mu Dong was the savviest among them, so Hexi let her be a personal maid.
Hexi waved her hand and let Mu Dong go down before walking slowly to the old man.

The old man took down his feet the table, and he looked at her like he was confronting a formidable enemy. He murmured in his mouth, “Good disciple, don’t be angry. When I put you in the sword array that day, I went to drink alcohol. Haiz, your alcohol is really too tasty, so I was drinking more and more. When I woke up… hehe, ten days had passed. ”

“Fortunately, my good disciple, you are powerful. You broke out of the sword array. Ai, you are really the disciple I chose. Your talents are really the best.”

Hexi narrowed her eyes and watched him chattering. The old man’s voice was getting smaller and smaller. He murmured, “Well, I admit that I was wrong. I shouldn’t leave you alone in the sword array, but I really need some good food now. You disappeared for a month, and I didn’t have good liquor and food. Hehe, my good disciple…”

Before the old man finished speaking, Hexi turned her wrist and a large bottle of liquor was placed in front of the old man.
“Oh ~~ good liquor ~~” The old man pounced onto the liquor jar and opened the lid.

The thick and rich liquor’s scent spread out. The old man felt so excited by the scent. He couldn’t wait to swallow the whole jar of liquor together with the jar.

Hexi took out a few more dishes, and the aroma of the food spurred the gluttonous insects in the belly of the old man, making his stomach rumbled.

The old man couldn’t care about anything else as he devoured food.
After eating and drinking, he wiped his face with greasy hands and chuckled with laughter, “Ai, my good disciple, why are you so kind today? You didn’t blame me, and you even took out so many good liquor and food, do you have some request from me? ”

Hexi didn’t hide it either. She used Divine Sense to investigate the surrounding. After confirming that no one was nearby, she cast a sound insulation enchantment.

Under the surprised gaze of the old man, Hexi took out a storage ring from the space, then he carefully moved Ouyang Haoxuan’s “corpse” out of the storage ring.

“Huh–!” The old man’s face changed almost at the moment when he saw Ouyang Haoxuan’s “corpse”.
He appeared next to Ouyang Haoxuan in a flash and crouched down. He said unbelievably, “Am I hallucinating? Why do I seem to feel the breath of that thing?”

As the old man said, he reached out and touched Ouyang Haoxuan’s body that was almost burnt into coke.

When his hand touched the dantian, his expression suddenly became shocked and dignified. He exclaimed, “How is it possible?!”

Hexi quickly stepped forward and said with a soft voice, “Master, what’s wrong? Can he still be saved?”

The old man’s expression looked uncertain. After a while, he looked at Hexi. His eyes looked strange. “My disciple, you ask can he still be saved? Don’t you know that he is now a dead body?”


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