The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 626: Can He Be Saved?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 626: Can He Be Saved?

Hexi frowned, “I know that his breathing and heartbeat have stopped, but I feel that there is a powerful force in his dantian, maintaining the operation of his meridians and spiritual power. It’s just that I don’t know how to save him, is it that even master don’t know about it? ”

The old man frowned. He asked after a while, “My good disciple, do you know what is the power that can support the operation of spiritual power in a corpse?”
Hexi shook her head.

The old man pouted. He looked at the charred corpse on the ground and murmured, “I don’t know whether this kid is having good luck or bad luck. A Fire Element Spirit Pearl is actually sealed inside his body.”

“Fire Element Spirit Pearl?”

“Fire Element Spirit Pearl is a kind of Five Elements Spirit Pearl. It belongs to the condensed power source of the five elements. If the person who gets the Five Elements Spirit Pearl can use this power properly, he can almost get the power that can bring disaster.”

Seeing Hexi’s face looked doubt and surprised, the old man scratched his hair, “Good disciple, let me tell you this.”
“At Miluo Continent, the Sealed Dragon Sword in the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory make all martial artists crazy for it right?”

Hexi nodded.

The old man continued, “However, compared to Five Elements Spirit Pearl, the treasure in the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory is like the casual flying sword. Even if it is the Miluo Continent, the peerless Sealed Dragon Sword can’t be to Five Elements Spirit Pearl at all.”

“Nevermind is the major sects of the Miluo Continent. Even I have the thought of snatching it myself when I realize that this is a Fire Element Spirit Pearl.
This time, Hexi was really shocked. She slightly widened her eyes and looked at Ouyang Haoxuan on the ground. After a while, she said, “So the Feng Family killed the General Ouyang’s family just to get Fire Element Spirit Pearl?

The old man’s eyes showed a bit of pity in his eyes at this time. He slowly shook his head, “I’m afraid it’s not just about killing. Five Elements Spirit Pearl is sealed in the body of a martial artist. Even if the body and dantian of the martial artist is cut into pieces, you may not find Five Elements Spirit Pearl. ”

“The only way to make Five Elements Spirit Pearl condense is that the carrier experiences a huge mind stimulation, then the carrier will burst out a powerful strength to condense the Five Elements Spirit Pearl.”

“Of course, because of the destruction power of Five Elements Spirit Pearl, the martial artist as a carrier will inevitably be swallowed by the power of the spirit pearl and become a corpse.”
Hexi’s eyebrows twitched. She whispered, “Then do you mean, there is no way to save Ouyang Haoxuan?”

“That’s not really true.” The old man shook his head. He looked Ouyang Haoxuan with a complicated gaze, “So I just said, I don’t know if this boy is lucky or not. I have been living for thousands of years, I admit that I have seen any kind of people. However, this boy has absolute perseverance. Even I’m impressed by him.”

“At the moment when Fire Element Spirit Pearl condensed, he directly exploded his Gold Core. After the Gold Core shattered, it merged into the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, letting him to burst out a might strength. His body obviously couldn’t stand the terrifying power of the Fire Element Spirit Pearl.”

“But because his Gold Core was merged into the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, which made the Fire Element Spirit Pearl contaminated by his breath. The Fire Element Spirit Pearl replaces his Gold Core to support the operation of his spiritual power, so this is why he looks like a living dead.”

Hexi said hurriedly, “Can he still be saved?”


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