The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 627: I Try My Bes
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 627: I Try My Bes

The old man was silent for a moment, and his eyes flashed for a while. After a long time, he nodded. “The only way to save this kid now is to completely replace his dantian and heart with Fire Element Spirit Pearl. Let Fire Element Spirit Pearl support his life and repair his body. ”

“He will still live like ordinary people in the future. He will have body temperature and breathing, but since then the heart and dantian are no longer his weakness. Of course, his strength will also be several times stronger than that of martial artists of the same level. It’s just…”
Hexi who had just relieved became anxious again, “Just what?”

The old man glanced at his disciple’s delicate and handsome which was hard to differentiate its gender, then he laughed, “But if the Fire Element Spirit Pearl merges with this kid’s, the spirit pearl will melt and dispersed in his body again. Before this kid dies, the Fire Element Spirit Pearl will never appear again. ”

“If you want to get the Fire Element Spirit Pearl back in the future, it will be impossible. On the contrary, if you take the Fire Element Spirit Pearl out of his dantian now, he is still a dead body. Moreover, Fire Element Spirit Pearl is even in its best condensation state. With the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, your strength can be improved several times immediately. ”

“Good disciple, are you sure you want to use this spirit pearl to save him?”

Hexi didn’t even think about it and replied without hesitation, “Is there anything to be sure? This spirit pearl is originally his, and his parents died horribly for this spirit pearl. I promised his father to save his life. ”
The old man clicked his tongue and said, “Good disciple, isn’t this kid your lover? To save him, you don’t even want the Fire Element Spirit Pearl? Do you understand how precious and powerful Five Elements Spirit Pearl is? Even I’m not willing… Are you not afraid that after you save this kid, he will have a fall out with you? Won’t you suffer a big loss when you can’t even win him anymore?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Hexi rolled her eyes on him and said angrily, “I’m a doctor. Since I promised the patient’s family to save people, and I have the ability to save them, how can they turn their backs?

“As for Five Elements Spirit Pearl, there are more good things all over the world now, do they all have to belong to me!”

“Additionally…” Hexi’s face flushed for a moment. She looked away and murmured, “I… I already have someone in mind. Don’t mention things like lover anymore in the future.”
The old man looked at her in a daze for a while. He seemed to be shocked by her words; he seemed to be stunned by her rare blush.

After a long time, he suddenly bent over his body and laughed.

Hexi was ashamed into anger being laughed by him, shouting, “Old man, in a word, save or not save? If you don’t save, I will ask the other for help?”

“Save, of course I save!” The old man’s eyebrows were still smiling, and his eyes looking at her were softer and more amiable than before. “My good disciple, you really deserve to be my disciple. Since you want this kid to survive , then I will try my best to save him.”

“However, I can’t do it here. You can take him with us. We will go to the desert area of the Sealed Dragon Domain. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the movement will be too big, and it will attract other people peeking us.”

Hexi did not hesitate. She quickly brought Ouyang Haoxuan and the old man into the desert of the Sealed Dragon Domain.

The temperature in the northwestern corner of the desert had reached a horrible 60 degrees selsius. Even magical beasts rarely appeared here.

Hexi cast water spiritual power to protect herself, only then she felt better under the heat wave.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》