The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 631: Master-servant Blood Pac
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 631: Master-servant Blood Pac

Watching him and following his steps until the end of the world.

Ouyang Haoxuan thought, I remember this person’s name. The only name that is imprinted in my soul: Xi Yue!

Also, Feng Family, Feng Yunjing, my enmities, and the culprit that murdered my parents and destroyed my family is still alive, how can I die? How can I just give up like this?
I want revenge! I will make the Feng Family pay with their blood; I will let everyone in the Feng Family taste the heartbreaking pain!

How can I die?!

Ouyang Haoxuan opened his eyes abruptly. His red eyes burst into cold ray, and his hot body shivered with convulsions.

Hexi let out a sigh of relief. She frowned and retracted her hand.

The temperature in her palm was already swollen due to the terrifying high temperature.

If she didn’t use ice spiritual power to wrap her skin before grabbing Ouyang Haoxuan’s hand, her hands would have been burned to ashes now.

Fortunately, Ouyang Haoxuan’s situation finally stabilized.
The originally weak and turbulent breath of life began to stabilize, and the burning flame slowly extinguished and merged into his flesh and blood.

As the flame was completely extinguished, the temperature on the surface of Ouyang Haoxuan that could burn the stones to ashes also subsided.

Ouyang Haoxuan opened his eyes in a daze, and Hexi reflected in his eyes.

He said dumbly: “Xi Yue, I am… still alive?”
“Yes, you are still alive.”

“Can I still avenge on… the Feng Family?”

“Yes, you can avenge yourself.”

“My… parents’ corpses…”
“I’ve already collected them. When you wake up, we will find a place to bury and let them settle down.”

The light in Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes fluctuated, and the expression seemed to be crying, but it also seemed to be smiling.

For a long time, he whispered, “Xi Yue, thank you … in the future, my Ouyang Haoxuan’s is yours.”

When Ouyang Haoxuan said this, his expression was calm, but his eyes seemed to be swearing like a curse.

Hexi was startled. She actually couldn’t agree or disagree to him.
She just felt that Ouyang Haoxuan was not seeking her opinion, but he was stating a fact that he had decided.

Ouyang Haoxuan suddenly stretched out his hand with difficulty, and he slowly forced a drop of golden red blood from his palm.

Without waiting for the Hexi reaction, the golden red blood drew a shallow arc in the air and merged into the Hexi’s body.

Immediately afterward, Ouyang Haoxuan’s low, hoarse voice sounded slowly, “I Ouyang Haoxuan would like to choose Xi Yue as my master. I will serve you until the end of my life, and I will never betray you. If I violate this vow, I’m willing to suffer god’s retribution, and my soul will never be able to reincarnate!”

Hexi was shocked. She didn’t even understand Ouyang Haoxuan’s words, and she felt that an invisible and powerful force enveloped the two of them.

In the palm of her hand, there was another totem, then it disappeared.

The rules had bound them together and the blood pact was formed. Since then, Ouyang Haoxuan would be the most loyal subordinate of Hexi.
This subordinate was different from slaves, but similar to the relationship between Nangong Yu, Qing Long, and Wu Xing.

The blood pact would not interfere with Ouyang Haoxuan’s behavior, but once he had the intention to betray Hexi, the retribution would fall on him. Even if it was a Divine Stage powerhouse, he wouldn’t be able to survive such retribution.

There was only one feeling in Hexi’s mind at this time- dumbfounded!

She didn’t even know what was in Ouyang Haoxuan’s head. Before recuperating his injuries, he actually signed a blood pact with her.


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