The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 636: Cooperation
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 636: Cooperation

“I want to pressure the Doctors Association’s market across the mainland and break their monopoly.”

Hexi smiled coldly, and her voice was full of cold and evil, “Feng Family can be so rampant in Miluo Continent, the monopoly of the pharmaceutical market must be very important for them right? Since this is the case, I will destroy them base on this. By the time, I want to see how arrogant can they be!”
“That’s right! As long as the Feng Family can no longer control the pharmaceutical market, they will definitely be like a tiger with its fangs removed, and they will never be able to be arrogant again.” Shen Qingchuo clapped her hands excitedly as she said loudly, “Brother Xi Yue, you are really amazing! ”

Shen Sen had rich experience and a calm and steady personality, but he was a bit worried, “Xi Yue, you do this, not only you will offend the Feng Family, but you also offend the entire Doctors Association. When they retaliate against you, I’m afraid you can no longer survive as a doctor in Miluo Continent. ”

“If I’m not going to offend them, will the Feng Family let me go?” Hexi sneered. Her eyes were full of determination. “My principle has always been that I won’t offend people if people don’t offend me. Since the Feng Family came to trouble me for several times, should I still be a coward who doesn’t dare to retaliate? Moreover, it’s my business to help people, I don’t need the Doctors Association’s approval.”

Speaking of which, Hexi’s eyes twitched, with a bit of provocation, “Still, Qingxia Sect is afraid of Feng Family and Doctors Association?”

Shen Sen was first stunned, then he immediately laughed out loud, “Good, since Xi Yue is not afraid of them, then I have nothing to fear! But for cooperation, I still have to tell the sect’s elders before making a decision.”
But this matter was basically a matter of fact. After all, apart from medicinal pills, Qingxia Sect was not afraid of the Doctors Association.

And this cooperation was obviously beneficial to Qingxia Sect without harm.

Thinking of this, Shen Sen’s eyes obviously looked delighted. There was more admiration in his gaze toward Hexi like he was looking at a rare treasure.

He really didn’t expect that he was just simply helping a junior this trip, but it actually solved the big problem that troubled Qingxia Sect for hundreds of years.
The specific cooperation details were naturally negotiated by Gu Liufeng and the Qingxia Sect. These were not Hexi’s expertise.

Gu Liufeng’s face also showed a bit of excitement when he thought of fighting against a big organization like the Doctors Association.

In just ten years, he was able to grow Shengde Hall and other businesses as a nobody. Naturally, he had extraordinary talents in business.

Now Xi Yue wanted to make the business bigger, it was no longer like making a fuss, but it was to contend with such a powerful force as the Doctors Association. It naturally aroused unlimited fighting spirit in his heart.

However, Gu Liufeng still had some doubts when he thought of the huge amount of medicinal pills produced by the Doctors Association every year. “Xi Yue, I want to fight against the Doctors Association and hammer the pharmaceutical market of the Feng Family. I agree. However, can you constantly supply that insane amount of medicinal pills?”

The obscurity of Gu Liufeng’s words made Shen Sen think that Hexi had a pill refiner team supplying medical pills.

But in fact, Gu Liufeng himself was very clear, Xi Yue had a pill refiner team. It was only her alone.

A few thousand was still fine, but tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of medicinal pills would be terrible.

Hexi thought about it. She hesitated and said, “Gu Liufeng, you first investigate the number of upper grade medicinal pills produced by the Doctors Association every year, and I will make adjustment accordingly.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》