The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 643: Extremely Angry until Vomitting Blood
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 643: Extremely Angry until Vomitting Blood

But, that woman was actually… his daughter, Feng Lianying!

When Feng Tianba got out of the inscribed jade slip, his body was shaking.
He kept shouting in his mouth, “Animal! Bitch! Where is that animal bitch? Find her quickly! Did you hear me!!!”

The hand holding the inscribed jade slip was tightened and tightened. With a bang, the inscribed jade slip crashed into powder and fell down.

It could be seen how anxious he was at this moment!

Feng Tianba took a deep breath and looked at the Great Elder’s disciple, “Yun Chen, how many of this inscribed jade slip is outside? You must get them all back. The men in those videos, and those that saw the video, you must get rid of them. This matter shouldn’t be spread!”

Feng Yunchen, the Great Elder’s disciple, coughed a little and said again, “Reply to patriarch, the… man in the video, except Brother Nie Jinchen, the others were killed by Junior Sister Apprentice Feng. However, it isn’t easy to kill all those who have seen this video.”
“Why? Is there anyone in this Miluo Continent that my Feng Family dare not deal with?”

Feng Yunchen shook his head quickly. He silenced for a while before saying with a strange look, “Patriarch, it is not that our Feng Family dare not deal with it, but … we can’t deal with so many people at all.”

He gritted his teeth and glanced at Feng Tianba’s look before saying with a surpressed voice, “About that, now … this kind of inscribed jade slip is basically in the entire blackmarket. Everyone basically has a copy. Even if those who didn’t buy the copy, they had most likely seen it in the blackmarket. Most of the customers in the blackmarket don’t announce their name. Even if we want to deal with them, I’m afraid it’s not possible…

“Excuse me, patriarch, do we still need to collect those inscribed jade slips?”
As Feng Tianba heard the words, he only felt his head was buzzing!

Feng Family’s fame was just destroyed like that, and it was still destroyed by his good daughter.

When he thought that all the martial artists in the Miluo Continent had seen this video, then they were mocking him for failing to teach his daughter, he felt like his chest was being hit heavily by a hammer.

In the future, how did Feng Tianba have the face to be the Feng Family’s patriarch? How did he have to face to walk in the Immortal World?!
Feng Yunchen didn’t seem to notice his pain at all, and he added, “Moreover, I also heard that someone accidentally played this video at the final award ceremony of the Big Hunting Match.”

“So all the martial artists present at the time, including the elders and the disciples of the other three major sects, all saw…”

After hearing this, Feng Tianba couldn’t help it anymore. He spat out blood, and his whole body was crumbling.

That animal! Damn that animal!!

I should have choked her to death when she starts to make a sound!


When Feng Yunjing hurried back to Feng Family, he heard that Feng Tianba got furious that he vomited blood and fainted.
He also heard about Liu Li Sect’s incident. When he thought of the force that could wipe out Liu Li Sect, Feng Yunjing also burst into a cold chill.

He always felt that a pair of eyes were wathcing coldly at their Feng Family, waiting for them to be sloppy and giving them a fatal blow.

No! We are Feng Family! Feng Family has never failed for more than ten years! How can it be easily defeated?

Feng Yunjing shook his head and removed the absurd thought from his mind.

He frowned at Feng Tianba’s manservant, “How is father’s situation?”


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