The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 644: The Strength of the Crazy Old Man
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 644: The Strength of the Crazy Old Man

The manservant said worriedly, “Patriarch was already shocked and angry when he knew Liu Li Sect being destroyed, but he later immediately saw the miss… miss… video. He became infuriated immediately, then he vomited blood and fainted.”

Feng Yunjing’s face was distorted when he heard of Feng Lianying’s video.
On the way home, he also saw the video, and he knew that everyone in the blackmarket had a copy of it.

When Feng Yunjing thought that the woman who made the obscene and shameless posture was her sister, he could not wait to tear her into pieces.

“What about Feng Lianying ?!” He asked coldly.

The manservant hurriedly said, “The miss is locked in the Ice Fire Cave as soon as she came back, and she received a punishment of one hundred lashes every day. She couldn’t get out until the patriarch says stop.”

“Hmph, she deserves it!”
Feng Yunjing made a cold snort, then he no longer bothered about Feng Lianying. He quickly walked into Feng Tianba’s room.

Feng Tianba’s complexion at this time was much better than a few days ago, but his face still appeared a little pale.

Especially the excellent appearance that he maintained well, now there were quite some white hairs, and there were more wrinkles on his face. Like he got a decade old in an instant.

Feng Yunjing’s heart sank a little bit.
He remembered his mistake in finding Ouyang Haoxuan, plus Bai Sha’s death, he didn’t know how to tell these things to his father now.

Feng Tianba’s expression had calmed down a lot when he saw Feng Yunjing. He asked him to sit down in front of him.

For this only son, a genius who could enter the Nascent Soul stage at a young age, he was still very fond of and valued him.

“Yunjing, what did you get about Miracle Healer Xi?”
Feng Yunjing quickly lifted his spirit and said, “Father was right. Xi Yue was indeed the one who healed Ouyang Haoxuan’s broken veins, and Shengde Hall as well as the best quality pill, all of them are related to Xi Yue. ”

“It is said that the best quality pill came from Xi Yue’s master.”

Feng Tianba narrowed his eyes slightly, “Who is his master?”

“This is not clear yet.” Feng Yunjing shook his head. “No one has ever seen Xi Yue’s master. The medical pills of Shengde Hall are provided directly by Xi Yue. No one else knew the source of her medicinal pills. However, I heard one thing from Hei Sha.”

“What’s that?”
“When Murong family was destroyed that day, Hei Sha once rushed to rescue them. In Murong Mansion, he did meet several people. One of them was a powerhouse of Nascent Soul stage. However, these people couldn’t fight against Hei Sha. Hei Sha almost caught all of them. But at the last minute, a crazy old man suddenly came out. The old man’s cultivation was extremely unfathomable, and he knocked Hei Sha out of thousands meters away with a slap, making him unable to fight back. Hei Sha also said that the strength of the crazy old man may be higher than the Venerable.”

Feng Tianba’s face slowly dignified. His expression was uncertain.

Feng Yunjing said again, “Hei Sha heard that the old man claimed to be the master of one of the young men. And that young man, Hei Sha suspected that he was Xi Yue.”

Feng Tianba’s expression was full of shock. He gritted his teeth and said after a while, “This matter must be reported to the Venerable … there is actually an old man with such a strength standing behind Xi Yue. Could… could it be that Liu Li Sect was exterminated because of that old man. ”

“Yunjing, you continue to investigate and find out what the old man’s identity. Does he have anything to do with Xi Yue!”


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