The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 649: Qiangxia Sect Attached Great Importance to I
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 649: Qiangxia Sect Attached Great Importance to I

On the side, Purple Abyss Vine soared into the sky and swayed in the sky. She looked at Little Dumb Cow with a threatening gaze.

Little Egg shook his fist in Hexi’s arms and shouted, “We will really beat you!”
Little Dumb Cow looked at them in a silly manner, then he ran to Hexi’s feet with short legs, spinning around her excitedly.

The dumb cute cow with slow reaction didn’t understand that the bosses in the void were threatening him.

Hexi looked at the group of little guys, only to feel a headache.

She always felt that her own void would only become more and more chaos in the future. When she thought that, the back of her head started to hurt again.

Because of the cooperation plan proposed by Hexi, Shen Sen and several disciplines participating in Big Hunting Match stayed in Yanjing City.

In order to obtain medical pills from Hexi easily, their Qingxia Sect decided to set up a branch in Yanjing City as a window for the cooperation with Shengde Hall.

The person in charge is the elite discipline of several Gold Core stages participating in the Big Hunting Match.

In fact, Qingxia Sect had branches in many places. After all, a sect also needs income to feed so many people. It was just that Jinling country was too small, and it lacked resources. Plus it was previously monopolized by Feng Family, so Qingxia Sect never considered setting up a branch in Yanjing City.
But now, it ws clear that Yanjing City would become one of the main sources of income for Qingxia Sect in the future.

Shen Sen also didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh when she received the message from the elders.

The elders attached great importance to this cooperation. Not only they sent a large number of elites to Yanjing to assist in cooperation matters, a few elders even wanted to visit Yanjing City in person

Letting a Nascent Soul stage elder sit in Yanjing City might scare the Jinling emperor, Shangguan Wenji to death. Moreover, it would make the Feng Family be wary of them.
Even Shen Sen himself had to go back after reaching a cooperation agreement.

Fortunately, Shen Sen’s timely communication stopped them and prevented them from acting rashly and inadvertently alerting the enemy, only then the elders dispelled these thoughts.

However, this also showed how much attention Qingxia Sect had paid to this cooperation.

As Shen Sen was lost in his thought, he heard the indignation voice of his niece.

“Where did the bastard, Gu Liufeng go? Yesterday, he dared to say that my moves are not right. I want to see how powerful he is. Fellow Apprentice Chen, you must teach him a lesson for me. Don’t let him ruin our Qingxia Sect’s majesty. ”
With this said, Shen Qingchuo had already entered the room. When she saw only Shen Sen in the room, she couldn’t help but pouted, “Uncle, did you see that guy, Gu Liufeng? Why can’t I find him anywhere?” ”

Shen Sen couldn’t help holding his forehead, “Chuo Er, Young Master Gu is very busy. He has a lot of business to do every day. How does he have the time to fool around with you.”

“How am I fooling around?” Shen Qingchuo said angrily with her small nose wrinkled. “He obviously looked down on me from the beginning. He always ignores me when I talk to him. Hmph, I don’t think he is that great. Isn’t he just a subordinate of Brother Xi Yue? How busy can he be!?”

Before Shen Sen could speak, a clear and steady voice came from the door, “Gu Liufeng is not my subordinate; he is my friend and brother.”

“Xi Yue——!”

“Brother Xi Yue——!”

Seeing Hexi, Shen Sen and Shen Qingchuo were both happy, and they stood up quickly.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》