The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 655: Praying Birth Mother
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 655: Praying Birth Mother

Nalan Ziyun’s face was suddenly twisted. He forced a smile for a while, “I’m just joking, Sister. Sister of course can take charge of your own maids.”

Hexi smiled slightly, then she turned and walked into the hall.
Nalan Ziyun stood in the courtyard, staring coldly at the direction which Nalan Hexi disappeared and gritting his teeth.

Soon, Hexi came out.

But unlike Nalan Ziyun’s imagination, Hexi did not bring big and small luggage. She took out an ancestral tablet [1] instead.

Nalan Ziyun felt strange for her holding an ancestral tablet, but when he saw the name on it, his face changed immediately.

An Lingyue, my biological mother!

But she was a cheap concubine who can make me feel ashamed whenever I think of it!

Hexi placed the An Lingyue’s tablet on the table respectfully, then she smiled respectfully at Nalan Ziyun, “Brother did not return to the Jinling Kingdom for many years, so you naturally can’t pray to mum. Since you are here today, you should lit incense to pray for mum then.”
I am the only young master of Nalan Mansion, why should I pray a cheap concubine!

Nalan Ziyun’s face was gloomy. He smiled with difficulty, “Sister, we should wait until we go back to the Nalan Mansion for this matter…”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and said faintly, “Brother, you refuse to pray your birth mother. Are you trying to not recognize your mother? Since you don’t even recognize your mother, will your sister still put you in my eyes?”

Nalan Ziyun’s facial features twisted for a while. He finally knelt slowly under Hexi’s gaze.

That expression was disgusting and embarrassing than swallowing a fly.
After kneeling in a hurry and lighting the incense, Nalan Ziyun stood up quickly and said in a cold voice, “Hurry and go!”

After that, without looking at the tablet, he quickly walked out of the courtyard and got into the carriage.

Looking at his back, a cold smile appeared on Hexi’s mouth.

This was an elegant compartment. It was full of jewelry in front of the dresser. A bright color quilt was also prepared on the bed.

Hexi sat on a cushioned wicker chair and looked at the furnishings in this room with a smile.

The little girl who was preparing the bed in front couldn’t help but complain, “Miss, why do we want to live in such a place! There are so many rules. It’s so annoying. It isn’t as comfortable as living in our courtyard. Even if I want to cultivate, I can just go to the secret territory!”

Before Hexi spoke, another maid who was pouring tea for her whispered, “Mai Xiang, be careful with your words. There might be someone eavesdropping on us.”

Mai Xiang immediately covered her mouth and made an ashamed expression.
Mai Xiang, like Mu Dong, is one of the maids bought by Xi San. She was very smart and liked to inquire about all kinds of news, so Hexi came to Nalan Mansion along with her this time.

Hexi smiled. She said as she didn’t mind, “Relax, no one eavedrops at this time.”

Because of the lotus-shaped jade flower given by Nangong Yu, now her Purple Abyss Vine has evolved. It could sneak into the ground to ambush and be alert.

She could detect when someone was near, not to mention eavesdropping in the vicinity.

Mai Xiang was relieved. She smiled at Hexi and the maid beside her, “Miss and Sister Qing Luan are really amazing. If I can learn such great skill anytime, it would be great.”

The maid beside Hexi glanced at Hexi and slightly lowered his eyes, covering the surprise in her eyes.



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