The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 657: Nalan Feixue’s Return
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 657: Nalan Feixue’s Return

“That news was long time ago.” The maid immediately laughed. “Madam was cured a month ago. Now she is waiting to see Third Miss. I suggest Third Miss to not drag the time and follow me.”

Hexi was a little interested in it.
The mad inducing medicine I gave to Mrs. Naran was not very expensive, but it was absolutely effective for martial artists below the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Based on the time, Mrs. Nalan should now be crazy now.

But she can still see guests now?

Really interesting!

Thinking of this, Hexi no longer delayed and followed the maid out.

The maid was called Xiang Lan. She was Nalan Ziyun’s personal maid. Because of her beautiful appearance, she already considered herself as Nalan Ziyun’s concubine.

Because she knew Nalan Ziyun hated Hexi, his sister, she was also full of disgust toward Third Miss.

Seeing Hexi assessing the surrounding from time to time when she was walking in the courtyard, she thought Hexi was ignorant and couldn’t help but feel more contempt.
She smiled as if she was feeling pity for Hexi, “Third Miss, I heard that you are born without a spiritual root. This is really pitiful. It is no wonder that Third Miss was raised in the courtyard since you were a child. Even maids like us have the potential to cultivate, but you as the Third Miss are actually trash that can’t cultivate. This is such a shame of our Nalan Mansion…”

“Aiya, look at my mouth, please don’t be offended, Third Miss. I’m not saying that you are a trash.”

Mai Xiang was so furious that she wanted to rush up and beat the woman’s face badly, but she was pulled by Qing Luan lightly.

She could see what Hexi wanted to investigate something in the Nalan Mansion.
It was not the time to inadvertently alert the enemy now.

Xiang Lan couldn’t help giggling, “But Third Miss, you’re having a good fortune now. You have such a good younger brother like our young master. Even if you’re just… a mortal, you’ll have to flatter our young master in the future. I believe you don’t have to be afraid of being bullied. By the time, you will find a Qi Refining Stage or and a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist to marry. That’s the blessing from your past life!”

Mai Xiang’s body shivered!

She actually curses my Miss to marry a Qi Refining stage or Foundation Establishment stage martial artist! Just go to hell! Martial artists at the Foundation Establishment stage is not worthy of my Miss.

Qing Luan’s eyes also looked a bit cold.
Although Hexi was only her mission goal, she was the sweetheart of her master, and she was more likely to be the future King of Hell’s wife.

This girl actually asks our princess to marry the trash at the Foundation Establishment stage!? She is simply digging her own grave!

Only Hexi still had a faint look. No matter what the maid said, she didn’t even have the interest to punish such a small character.

At this moment, there was a group of people coming from the other end of the road.

The leader was a young girl in beautiful clothes. She had beautiful facial features. She wore a gourd pendant that was rich in spiritual power on her head, and she wore a valuable storage bracelet on her hand. She exuded an arrogant momentum.
Xiang Lan, who was still mocking at Hexi, immediately stepped forward and smiled flatteringly, “Second Miss, when did you come back? Why didn’t you tell the maid to welcome you?”

The person was Naran Feixue who whipped Nalan Hexi and sold her to Gluttonous House.

Nalan Feixue replied with an ‘en’ indifferently. She glanced at the several maids behind her, and she said while looking up, “I just came back yesterday, and it happens that some of the maids in my house are missing somehow. Are the maids behind you new to this mansion? Pick two smart ones and send them to my room.”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》