The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 661: Traces Of Whipping
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 661: Traces Of Whipping

Xiang Lan wiped tears with a handkerchief while stuttering, “I was instructed to bring Third Miss to the front hall to meet Master and Madam, and we happened to meet Second Miss on the road.”

“Second Miss stepped forward to greet Third Miss, who knew that Third Miss didn’t appreciate it, but instead she talked bad about Second Miss. Second Miss was angry, so she argued with Third Miss. No one ever expected Third Miss would suddenly take a whip and start whipping Second Miss.”
“We stepped forward to dissuade her. Not only did Third Miss not listen, but she also whipped us. Wuwuwu… I, I did not dare to offend Third Miss. But if I didn’t go and help, Second Miss would be beaten to death by Third Miss!”

At this time, with Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Ziyun in front of him, Xiang Lan immediately became fearless.

Anyway, she had offended Hexi, plus the young master did not like this Third Sister, it would be better to get rid of her early.

Can Nalan Hexi bear the consequences of beating her own sister?

The light of gloating flashed in the eyes of Nalan Ziyun, and he looked at Nalan Feixue’s maids, “Is this really the case as Xiang Lan said.”

These maids were loyal to Nalan Feixue, how would they deny? They immediately added the fuel to the oil on Hexi’s crime again.
Nalan Ziyun concealed the smile on his mouth and said sadly toward Hexi, “Third Sister, even if you don’t like Second Sister, how can you beat your own sister on the first day of entering the mansion? You act so recklessly, how can father keep you in Nalan Mansion?”

Hexi seemed to be smiling, watched his excellent performance, and remained silent.

Nalan Zhengze frowned, “Hexi, is it really like what they said?”

Hexi didn’t answer Nalan Zhengze’s question, but she sneered at Nalan Feixue who lay on the ground, “Second Sister, don’t pretend. If you don’t like me at Nalan Mansion, I will leave. Why should you make yourself suffer to play such a show?”
After that, she calmly looked at Nalan Zhengze and slowly said, “Father, don’t you know better than anyone else, right? I’m just a useless person with no cultivation. How can I beat Second Sister.”

“Since everyone said that Second Sister was beaten by me with a whip, can father show me the wound on Second Sister and the kind of whip marks I left on her.”

Hexi’s tone was completely different from her former cowardice, but she was calm and determined; she did not panic at all.

This made Nalan Zhengze suspicious.
He squatted down to check Nalan Feixue’s body and found that there wasn’t really any whip mark on her.

And he didn’t find anything peculiar with his spiritual power.

This was clearly a healthy body with no signs of injury.

Hexi chuckled, “Since Father, brother, and Second Sister don’t like me staying at Nalan Mansion so much, I think I should better leave. Lest someone condemn me for hurting Second Sister, then condemning me for being unfilial tomorrow.”

Nalan Zhengze’s face looked gloomy, and he glared fiercely at Nalan Feixue and Xiang Lan. “What the hell is going on? Second Miss is not hurt at all. You guys colluded to lie against me, do you think I can be fooled at will?” ”
As soon as Xiang Lan heard this, she was suddenly confused. She rushed over to pick up Nalan Feixue’s arm and check it, then she said with a trembling voice, “Impossible, I just saw Third Miss’ whip landed on Second Miss’ arm with my own eyes. There should definitely be scars. Master, look…”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》