The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 662: Kindhearted
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 662: Kindhearted

Nalan Feixue’s sleeves were lifted, but only her snow-white smooth skin could be seen. There weren’t any whip marks.

Xiang Lan broke into sweats, and her eyes were full of panic and disbelief, “No… impossible! I saw it with my own eyes. Didn’t you all see it with your own eyes?”
Nalan Feixue was still suffering from pain all over her body. She was tearfully pulling Nalan Zhengze’s clothes, “Father, help me. I’m so painful; it’s so hurt… because that bitch hit me. Father, you have to stick up for me!”

She was crying miserably, but her face was ruddy; her spiritual fluctuation was steady; there wasn’t any scar on her body. She didn’t look like a seriously injured patient at all.

Nalan Zhengze was a fourth rank doctor. Was it that he could still make a mistake for judging whether a person was injured?

At this time, he felt that he was being fooled. He was suddenly ashamed into anger. He shook off Nalan Feixue’s hand fiercely, “Shut up, are you addicted to fool your father now?”

He pointed to Nalan Feixue’s maid, “What are you guys doing? Quickly bring your Miss to her room. Is she still not shameful enough to stay here?”
The servants were panic-stricken. How did they dare to delay? They quickly supported Nalan Feixue who was still crying to bring her back.

Mai Xiang glanced at the dull look of Xiang Lan, and she pouted, “Miss, I think we should go back. Although the courtyard is a little shabby, at least no one will anger you there.”

“So many people in this house don’t like you, even a maid can frame you at will, I think it’s meaningless for you to stay.”

Nalan Zhengze’s face turned dark, and his fierce gaze swept to Xiang Lan. He shouted in deep voice, “Drag this maid who frames her master down, smash her dantian, and flog her to death!”
Xiang Lan shuddered, raising her head in disbelief.

As she looked into Nalan Zhengze’s cold and cruel eyes, her fear suddenly surged out like a tide.

“Young master, young master, help! I won’t dare anymore! I won’t do it anymore. Young master, please beg Master for mercy for me!”

Xiang Lan threw herself desperately in front of Nalan Ziyun and asked him for help.
Nalan Ziyun’s face also looked a bit ugly, but he said helplessly, “You offended Third Miss. It’s useless to eg me. However, I think Third Miss is a kindhearted person, so I think she will forgive you when it is possible.”

Xiang Lan immediately understood it and turned to Hexi. He knelt in front of her and slapped herself in the face, “Third Miss, my mind was possessed by evil thoughts, so I would only dare to frame Miss. Third Miss, please be merciful and spare my life. Wuwuwu… Third Miss, please spare my life!

Hexi looked at Nalan Ziyun with a smile, and she slowly said, “Younger brother is really kindhearted. He is even willing to plead for his maid. However, when your sister was being framed just now, why didn’t you saying something for your sister?”

Before Nalan Ziyun had time to say anything, Nalan Zhengze’s face immediately became even uglier. He said coldly, “Why are you guys still standing there? Quickly drag this cheap maid down! Don’t let her disgust Third Miss again!”

Soon, a manservant of Nalan Mansion rushed up and dragged away Xiang Lan who was crying.
Nalan Ziyun looked at the direction where Xiang Lan disappeared, and his eyes flashed a dark light. His resentment against Hexi deepened a bit more.

Nalan Zhengze looked at Hexi. At this time, his gaze was considered amiable. “Hexi, now that you have returned to Nalan Mansion, you will naturally be the Third Miss of Nalan Mansion.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》