The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 663: Not Your Sister
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 663: Not Your Sister

“It was just a maid who couldn’t see the situation clearly. Father will naturally punish her for you, and you don’t have to be angry with Ziyun for a maid. ”

“Ziyun is soft hearted since he was a child. This is exactly the same as your mother. The two of you are brother and sister. You must get along well in the future, then your mother can only be at peace in the afterlife!”
Hexi glanced at Nalan Ziyun and smiled, “Please be assured, Father. I will definitely get along with [Ziyun]… well!”

Nalan Zhengze’s words and expressions became more amiable. “Since there was such an incident today, and Hexi, you are frightened, so the matter of visiting your mother will be delayed until tomorrow. You should go back to rest.”

It wasn’t until Hexi’s figure disappeared around the corner that Nalan Zhengze said to his son with a gloomy face, “Come into the study room with me!”

As soon as they entered the study room, Nalan Zhengze took a seat in the chair and slammed. “Ziyun, what did you do just now? Did you forget what I told you to do? I asked you to build a good relationship with her, but what the hell are you doing? What if the relationship between you two worsens?”

Nalan Ziyun stood panicky in front of Nalan Zhengze, but his eyes were indignant.
Hearing Nalan Zhengze’s last words, he suddenly said stubbornly, “If it worsens, then let it be. That useless trash is not my sister.”

Thinking of the ridicule and humiliation Nalan Ziyun had received, his handsome face twisted, “It is because of such a useless sister, so I will be ridiculed no matter where I go. Father, I really don’t understand. Nalan Hexi is just a worthless waste. Her existence will only be a shame for Nalan Family, why are you protecting her so much? Isn’t she better be dead rather than living?”

Nalan Zhengze frowned and said nothing as he listened to Nalan Ziyun’s complaint.

After a long time, he sighed, “Ziyun, you are my most valued son. I send you to the palace as a prince’s companion, and spent a big price to send you to Qixing Palace to cultivate, do you think I will hurt you?”
“Father, I don’t mean that.” Nalan Ziyun quickly said anxiously, “I just don’t understand that Nalan Hexi is a useless waste at all, why do you still protect her? You even let me please her and approach her. I …When I think of this kind of useless person as my sister, I wish I could kill her and let her disappear in this world!”

Nalan Zhengze’s eyes were gloomy, and he didn’t scold Nalan Ziyun’s cruelty. Instead, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Ziyun, your character is exactly like me when I was young.”

“Well, since you care so much about Hexi’s identity, then I will tell you the truth. But you must ensure that everything you hear today can never be said to the third person, even the elders in the family.”

Nalan Ziyun only felt his heart beating. He had a hunch that he was about to hear a big secret. Even his breathing became slow subconsciously.

But he said solemnly, “Father rest assured, I will keep my mouth tight!”

Nalan Zhengze nodded and remained silent for a long time before slowly saying, “Nalan Hexi is indeed not your sister. Her brother died as early as a dozen of years ago.”

“What?!” Nalan Ziyun’s eyes widened abruptly. “Father…Father, what do you mean? Am I not your biological son? This…how is this possible?”


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