The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 665: Speculation
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 665: Speculation

Nalan Ziyun took over the medicinal pill, and his expression suddenly looked stunned, “This is the best spirit healing pill of Shengde Hall.”

“Now these superb spirit healing pills’ price had become a sky-high price. Shengde Hall sells medicinal pills every day, but people will fight for the best quality pill they sold immediately when there is stock.”
Nalan Zhengze nodded, “I suspect that An Lingyue’s relics have been unsealed because of this medicinal pills. These medicinal pills give me a feeling very similar to the medicinal pills that An Lingyue once refined. I suspect that the person behind Shengde Hall has already gotten An Lingyue’s relics.”

“Xi Yue——!!!” Nalan Ziyun exclaimed suddenly.

Nalan Zhengze was startled, “Xi Yue?”

Nalan Ziyun said in agitation, “Father, Xi Yue is one of the person in charge behind Shengde Hall. It is said that the person who made the best quality pill is the master of Xi Yue. He even healed Ouyang Haoxuan’s broken veins and developed an antidote for the [blood drunk] in the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory. Most importantly, I met him on Breaking Spirit Mountain once, and he mentioned about Nalan Hexi to me.”

Nalan Zhengze’s pupils shrank suddenly. He said with a trembling voice, “Xi Yue…Xi Yue, it turned out that the young miracle healer who can heal broken vein and tendon is him. He even knows Nalan Hexi… It seems that I guess right. Someone got An Lingyue’s relics and learned the powerful pill refining technique!”
As he said, his face was twisted. He clenched his fists hard, “Those things, those pill refining technique, and those miracle healer’s reputation and praise, should be mine; they should be long to our Nalan Family!”

“Damn bitch, I have kept her for so many years. She found the relics, but she didn’t hand the relics to me. Instead, she gave the relics to an outsider. The child who has no blood relationship with me will never be mine. Bitch! Bitch!”

Nalan Ziyun’s expression also twisted.

It turns out that the praises that Xi Yue could get were all because of the relics obtained from Nalan Hexi.

There are strange medical skills in it; there is also the powerful pill refining technique. Maybe there is also a powerful cultivation book.

If I get it, I can also be high above like Xi Yue. I can be the limelight! No! I will be more powerful than Xi Yue, making both Xia Yichen and Shangguan Qi to respect me and look at me with differently.

That things are clearly belonged to me, but Nalan Hexi actually gave it to Xi Yue!

This bitch, this waste, no wonder she has a maid with unfathomable strength. That must be given to her by Xi Yue!

This Xi Yue must have seduced Nalan Hexi so that he could let my useless sister to hand out An Lingyue’s relics without holding back!

Thinking of this, Nalan Ziyun affirmed his guess more and more.
He also told Nalan Zhengze about the maid around Nalan Hexi.

Nalan Zhengze also became more determined. He gritted his teeth and said, “This ungrateful bitch who helps the outsider with our family’s property! When I get the relics, I will let her suffer a living death.”

Nalan Ziyun also took a deep breath, “Father, the most important thing now is to take An Lingyue’s relics from Xi Yue. Or maybe Hexi still has the relics in her hand.”

Nalan Zhengze nodded and said, “You bring Nalan Hexi to Shengde Hall these few days to probe them. It’s best if you can see Xi Yue. Find some ways to let Nalan Hexi take back all the relics.”


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