The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 667: Trump Card
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 667: Trump Card

If I remember correctly, Nalan Zhengze is just at the Gold Core Stage, right?

Little Golden Dragon nodded again and again, “So I dare not explore again, and I return immediately. Boss, if you want, I can go and explore at night.”

“No need.” Hexi shook her head immediately. “I will live in Nalan Family for quite some time anyway. They want to find relics from me, then their fox’s tails will be exposed eventually. As for the study room, I’ll explore it sooner or later. I’m not in a hurry now, lest inadvertently alert the enemy.”

Speaking of which, Hexi could not help frowning, “I always feel that there is some kind of trump card in Nalan Zhengze’s hands that I don’t know of. This makes him so certain that An Lingyue’s relics will fall into his hands. Before we get to know about this trump card, we shouldn’t act rashly.”


Nalan Mansion, in the bedroom of Nalan Feixue.

At this time, Nalan Feixue was still lying on the bed. Her hair was scattered; her face looked haggard; her brows deeply wrinkled; her mouth kept moaning painfully.

“Miss, if you are really uncomfortable, take some medicinal pills to replenish your qi!”

“Out! Get out!” Nalan Feixue opened the medical pills handed over by her maid, then she said hysterically, “Why, why did dad not believe me? It was clear that the slut beat me. Why did dad believe her instead of me? I want to kill that bitch; sell that bitch to the slave market and make her a slave again…”

As Nalan Feixue was scolding hysterically, the door was pushed open, and Mrs. Nalan came in with a nervous face, “Feixue, I heard that you were injured? Which worthless slave made you hurt? Mum will punish her for you.”

“Mum–!” Nalan Feixue cried out when she saw Mrs. Nalan. “Mum, it was that bitch Nalan Hexi, she beat me! She whipped and even insulted me, but dad didn’t believe in me. Mum, you have to stick up for me!”

“It’s that bitch again–!!!”

Hearing Hexi’s name, Mrs. Naran’s face twisted.

She remembered her stupidity of that time, and she often woke up to find that she was making some strange moves.

Sometimes she was lying beside the pit with her face covered with feces. Flies and bugs were buzzing in her ears.

Sometimes she ripped off her clothes and squatted in the middle of the yard, laughing and singing with disheveled hair.

Sometimes she was hiding in a doghole, learning to bark like a puppy while she kept digging the ground.

Every time she woke up and thought of her shameful act, Mrs. Naran couldn’t wait to kill herself.

Her reputation was completely lost.

The next time people looked at her, there was no longer the awe of the past. Instead, they always laughed at her and gossiping about her secretly.

Nalan Zhengze thought of various ways to treat her, but she couldn’t find out what disease she had, and there was no sign of being poisoned poisoning.

In the end, Nalan Zhengze could only diagnose as she was suffering from soul dissociation disorder because she was furious about Naran Feixue’s marriage.

In order not to let her be embarrassed, Nalan Zhengze could only shut her in Heng Fang Courtyard and prevent her from going out. The manservant would bring meals to her every day.

As time went by, Mrs. Nalan’s illness became more and more serious. Her heart was full of despair and panic.

In the end, she even secretly asked people to send a letter to her family, Murong Mansion, hoping that they would send capable doctor to heal her.

Mrs. Nalan, formerly known as Murong Yaru, was a miss from Murong Family. Among the four major families In Yanjing City, Nalan Family and Murong Family were equally famous.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》