The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 670: Superb Acting
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 670: Superb Acting

Does that mean her son is not filial?

Nalan Ziyun gritted his teeth, ignoring her words, and continued, “Mum told me in my dream that her medical skills were more superior than anyone. Her name was going to be remembered by generations, but she died very early. She died before she could get famous. Seeing that Nalan Family’s medical skills are dying, she wants to help by passing her knowledge to you and me and pass so that we can be successful. However, it can’t be done.”

“Sister, do you know what mum was saying? Did mum leave anything before she died, and she needs us to carry forward her legacy?”
Hexi pursed her lips and said slowly, “Left something before death? Maybe there is…”

Nalan Ziyun’s heart was throbbing excitedly. He shouted, “What is it?”

Hexi continued, “Maybe not. I can’t remember it. Do you still have an impression? Hehe, we were all still in our babyhood at that time!”

After that, she no longer bothered about Nalan Ziyun and quickly walked into the Heng Fang Courtyard.

Nalan Ziyun, who was left behind, experienced ups and downs in his mood. He was so angry that his blood was boiling. Even his gums were being bitten until bleeding.
As soon as Hexi entered the Heng Fang Courtyard, she felt a cold gaze staring at her.

As soon as Hexi looked up, he saw Mrs. Naran sitting on the main seat.

At this time, Mrs. Nalan looked much older and haggard than she first saw.

There were many fine lines at the corners of her brows, and her sideburns were mostly white. Her plump face was skinny now, making her cheekbone obvious. Her face looked older than her previous look.
She was sitting in front of her and staring at her fiercely, her gloomy eyes seemed to smash her corpses, and the green muscles in the temple jumped suddenly because she couldn’t bear it too much.

Hexi couldn’t help laughing when she saw her.

Oh, so that’s the case!

She thought that the [carefree powder] on Mrs. Naran was really cured.

This [carefree powder] was a formula she researched in her previous life. It could suddenly stimulate the corpus cavernosum in the human brain, making people crazy.
Hexi had originally thought that someone in this world could cure the poison of carefree powder, and she was excited to have a match with this master.

But now she knew after seeing Mrs. Naran.

[Carefree powder] was cured yet, it was just suppressed.

Treating the symptoms but not the root cause, it seemed that the toxin was suppressed for a period of time, but when the longer it gets, the more intense it will be when it rebounds.

Once the poison loses control, Mrs. Naran would completely lose her mind; she would become crazier than a madman.
Hehe, she couldn’t wait to see Mrs. Nalan’s performance at that time.

Mrs. Nalan saw Hexi looked at her with cold eyes, and Hexi was even sneering. She didn’t intend to hide it at all. She immediately raged, “How impudent are you! You don’t know how to greet when seeing your mother-in-law? Slap her hard for me and teach this wicked girl some manners in this house!”

The maid that was assigned with a task immediately looked at Hexi with hostile.

Just before she was close to Hexi, Nalan Ziyun rushed out and pushed the maid away, shouting, “Whoever dares to hurt my sister will have to step over my body, Nalan Ziyun!”

With that said, he quickly turned around and looked at Hexi with concern, “Sister, are you okay? Don’t be afraid, I will protect you. No one can hurt you.”

Hexi really wanted to applaud Nalan Ziyun’s dedicated spirit and superb acting skills.


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