The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 676: Master Requests to See You
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 676: Master Requests to See You

Thinking of what happened today, Nalan Ziyun felt sullen.

Today he took Nalan Hexi to Shengde Hall to look for Xi Yue. He specially asked them to announce the name of Nalan Hexi.
Who knows, the manservant of Shengde Hall mocked him for trying to buy medicines without having to line up by relying on a close relationship.

The martial artists who had been waiting in line ridiculed him for a while, making him unable to retreat from the embarrassing situation.

Nalan Ziyun gritted his teeth and said, “Dad, I don’t think we have to make a fuss about Nalan Hexi. She already gave An Lingyue’s relics to Xi Yue, then she is it’s worthless. This trash with no cultivation and an ugly look, can Xi Yue put her in his eyes?”

“Maybe, Xi Yue took An Lingyue’s relics and abandoned her, leaving only two useless maids for her. I think it’s better to find some ways to get An Lingyue’s relics from Xi Yue!”

Nalan Zhengze’s expression was unpredictable for a while, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Wait! There must be some secrets hidden in this bitch. Hehe… she thought she can fight me, stop dreaming! Bitch, she is just as ignorant and ungrateful as her mom was!”
“As long as I still have that trump card in my hand, everything that An Lingyue left will be mine one day, hahaha…”

Nalan Ziyun glanced at Nalan Zhengze’s crazy smile, and there was a doubt in his eyes.

What is the trump card in father’s hand?


Hexi’s been in Nalan Mansion these past few days.
She had been in this foreign world for a long time, but she had been cultivating, pill refining, or fleeing nonstop.

So, she could actually rest during this period.

Drinking tea during the day and watching Nalan Ziyun and Nalan Zhengze putting up an affectionate play.

In the evening, she occasionally played with the death warriors sent by Nalan Zhengze. Sometimes, she let them return without getting anything; sometimes, she killed them all.
It was also a pleasure to watch Nalan Zhengze being suspicious and panicked, but he still had to repress himself the next day.

Of course, the hysterical roar of Mrs. Nalan and the curse of Nalan Feixue were indispensable.

Hmm, on the whole, these daily turmoils were also quite interesting.

The only regret was that Hexi had never been able to enter the study room of Nalan Zhengze.

She also found some ways to explore. But as soon as Purple Abyss Vine approached the study room, she felt a sense of danger and immediately retrieved Purple Abyss Vine.
Hexi was thinking about how to get into the study room, then she saw Hexiang walk in and said, “Third Miss, master requests to see himM.”

“Where to?”

“Master and young master are waiting for you in the study room.”

Hexi was suddenly happy. It’s really what I’m hoping for!

Nalan Zhengze’s study room was large. As soon as Hexi walked into the study room, he felt a strong sense of discord.

It was as if the space here had a strange twist.

At this time, Nalan Zhengze was sitting at the desk, holding a picture in his hand and looking attentively.
Nalan Ziyun was already standing in front of the desk with a respectful expression and shallow sadness.

Nalan Zhengze slowly placed the painting in his hand on the desk and unfolded toward Hexi and Nalan Ziyun.

His face was full of sadness, and his voice was full of nostalgia, “Ziyun, Hexi, come here and take a good look. This is your mother, An Lingyue.”

This was not the first time Hexi saw An Lingyue’s portrait.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》