The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 679: Direct Threa
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 679: Direct Threa

Nalan Ziyun expressed his indignant expression in a timely manner and exclaimed, “Father, the Zhu Family is a merchant family. Fatty Zhu is even uglier; he doesn’t even have the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivation. He actually dares to marry the daughter of the Nalan Family forcefully. Isn’t this not taking father in his eye at all?”

Nalan Zhengze sighed and said helplessly, “Ai, Ziyun, you don’t know that the four major families are weak now. We Nalan Family is being threatened. We are no longer the powerful family. If we can get the relics left by your mom to make Nalan Family strong again, then we naturally will not be afraid of the threat and power of the Zhu Family.”
“Hexi, if we can’t think of a way out, father may not even be able to protect you. For the rise and fall of the family, father can only marry you to the Zhu Family.”

Nalan Ziyun immediately shouted anxiously, “Father, how can that be? Don’t you know that how many concubines does Zhu Zhongba have in his courtyard? How many girls did he robe? I even heard that he likes to torture his concubine and servant. If sister marries him, how miserable would her life be?”

Nalan Zhengze also made a sad expression, “Ziyun, dad is helpless. Do you really want me to watch the Nalan Family fall?”

Nalan Ziyun quickly looked at Hexi, “Third Sister, why are you still hesitating? Is the mom’s relics more important than your lifelong happiness? As long as you hand out mom’s relics, how can father marry you to Zhu Zhongba that disgusting scum?”

Hexi raised her eyebrows, and she said with a smile, “Why do I remember that the person who is going to marry Zhu Zhongba is the Second Sister? What does it have to do with me?”
Nalan Zhengze was not angry, but he said meaningfully, “Hexi, you maybe don’t know. Your elder sister has already written a letter that she will be coming home in a few days. You know the identity of your elder sister, she is a member of the Doctors Association and also the disciple of Elder Xukong. Her position and right of speech in Nalan Family are one of the highest. Even father can’t disregard your sister’s opinion.”

“Feixue is your elder sister’s blood sister again. If your Second Sister doesn’t want to marry, the Zhu Family won’t force it due to your elder sister’s identity. However, the marriage between Nalan Family and Zhu Family has decided already. For the face of both families, someone must marry the Zhu Family. As such, only you can be the replacement of Feixue and marry.”

“Of course, if you are willing to surrender your mom’s relics, our Nalan Family will be strong enough to support you all the way. By the time, why would father be afraid of the Zhu Family? By the time, father will find you a good family to marry. Even if you want to marry into the royal family, it is just a piece of cake.”

Speaking of which, Nalan Zhengze looked at Hexi with fiery eyes, and he slowly said. “Hexi, you are so smart, you should know which are more important. You should know what to choose right?”

This was a direct threat.

Hexi almost couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

I really force Nalan’s father and son too much. They even stop playing the affectionate show and threaten me directly with the marriage.

If I hand over An Lingyue’s relics, everything will be fine. If I don’t hand it over, I must marry Fatty Zhu.

Hehe… it’s really interesting.

Hexi seemed to inadvertently smooth her hair. She silently threw a seed of Purple Abyss Vine into the terrifying array in the study room.
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