The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 681: Warm Hospitality
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 681: Warm Hospitality

The manservant hurriedly said: “It is true. The crown prince even brought a few large boxes of betrothal gifts, indicating that he is here to propose.”

“Aiya, he… why didn’t he discuss it with me?” Nalan Feixue covered her flushed face and said shyly, “I… I’m not mentally prepared at all!”
Mrs. Nalan drove the manservant off, and she said with a happy face, “Silly girl, he is the crown prince, and he has a lot of opportunities every day. How can he have time to discuss with you? Now that he is willing to come personally to propose, it means how important you are to him.”

“Mother~” Nalan Feixue yelled nonchalantly, then she hurriedly said, “Siqin, quickly, take out my set of pleated Luanfeng natural silk skirt, and that set of eight-treasure azure stone jewelry…”

In the main hall at this time, Nalan Ziyun and Nalan Zhengze were already warmly hosting Prince Shangguan Qi.

Shangguan Qi held the teacup in his hand and raised his eyes to assess Nalan Mansion. Although there was a gentle smile on his face, he could not hide the arrogance and pride in his eyes.

In Shangguan Qi’s view, he was the crown prince of Jinling Kingdom. Except for the emperor and the untouchable King of Hell, the other people in Jinling Kingdom were just his subjects. It was natural for them to treat him respectfully.
He could condescend himself to come personally to the Nalan Mansion to propose, the people of the Nalan Mansion were of course in fear and trepidation.

But after all, Nalan Ziyun was once his fellow apprentice, so his attitude was a little more casual, “Your Highness, you like my second sister, how come you don’t tell me at the Breaking Spirit Mountain and Qixing Palace? I heard you and my sister know each other a long time ago, how did you two meet?”

Shangguan Qi was taken aback. I remembered that I’m going to marry the Third Miss of the Nalan Mansion. Did I remember it wrongly?

When did I meet Nalan Feixue?

When he was about to express his doubts, he heard a maid saying, “Master, Madam and Second Miss are here.”

After that, there was a gust of fragrance in the room.
Immediately afterwards, Nalan Feixue elegantly came up to the main hall while Mrs. Nalan’s hands.

When she saw the crown prince, Nalan Feixue’s face flushed. Her almond-shaped eyes were full of water; they looked shy and timid, and they seemed to contain a lot of affection. She bowed to him, “Greetings to Your Highness.”

Nalan Feixue looked. Shangguan Qi stared at her affectionate eyes, her bulging chest and delicate curves, and his eyes revealed a hint of amaze.

Nalan Feixue had just dressed herself up for a long time, and this was the effect she wanted.
At this moment, seeing the infatuation in Shangguan Qi’s eyes, she immediately smiled brightly, “Brother prince, it has been a long time since the last time we left Fanyun Mountain. Feixue has always missed the brother prince. If you didn’t help Feixue in the Fanyun Mountain, I don’t know how much hardship I have to suffer. I really didn’t expect brother prince to come to our Nalan Mansion today…”

At the end, her face was flushed, and she lowered her head shyly.

The well-behaved and submissive look was completely different from her usual stubborn, willful, domineering look.

Nalan Zhengze was extremely satisfied.

He just wanted Hexi to replace Nalan Feixue to marry Zhu Zhongba, so that she would be tortured by Zhu Zhongba. By the time, she would know the benefits of the Nalan Family.
When she was desperate, Ziyun and Zhengze would help her again. He didn’t have to worry about her not handing over An Lingyue’s relics?


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