The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 684: Double Happiness
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 684: Double Happiness

Even Nalan Ziyun, who was originally watching a good show by the side
, was dumbfounded.

There was a bad feeling in his heart. His Highness has never seen Nalan Hexi, why would he suddenly want to marry her as his concubine?

Could it be… because I mentioned the special physique of Nalan Hexi to His Highness, and it made him interested in it?

Thinking of this, Nalan Ziyun couldn’t sit still.
He mentioned Nalan Hexi to His Highness at the time because he wanted to arouse Nalan Feixue’s jealousy and let her kill Hexi.

What he said about Nalan Hexi’s pure yin physique, and it could help the martial artists to quickly advance their cultivation, were all nonsense.

If His Highness marries her and finds that Nalan Hexi is completely useless for his cultivation, and she is even an ugly woman, he may put the blame on me.

Nalan Ziyun scolded Nalan Hexi thousands of times in his heart, but he forced a smile and broke the silence in the hall, “His Highness, I remember that you and my third sister did not meet each other, why would you want to marry her?”

Hearing Nalan Ziyun’s words, Nalan Zhengze also suddenly recovered. He quickly said, “His Highness, I’m also surprised. Why would you want to marry Hexi? You should know that my third daughter is just a normal mortal. She isn’t qualified to be the crown prince’s concubine!”

Shangguan Qi glanced at Nalan Ziyun and smiled faintly, “Ziyun should know the reason better than others right? What’s more, even Xi Yue is interested in Nalan Third Miss. How could Third Miss be just an ordinary person?”
As he said, he said firmly, “Doctor Nalan, why? Am I not qualified to marry Nalan Family’s Third Miss as a concubine?”

“No… no…” As soon as Shangguan Qi said this, Nalan Ziyun and Nalan Zhengze’s faces looked extremely ugly.

At this time, Nalan Feixue finally recovered, the dullness on her face turned into incredible resentment and shock. She screamed, “No, this is impossible! Brother prince, you obviously like me, why would you want to marry Nalan Hexi that ugly woman?!”

“Back in Fanyun Mountain, you were very caring for me. You must like me… Prince brother, can you quickly tell me that you are here to marry me?”
Zhu Yiqun also saw that the situation was wrong at this time. He sneered and said, “So, it turns out that His Highness wants to marry Third Miss of Nalan Mansion, then it’s just right. Nalan Feixue has an engagement with our Zhu Family. If the two marriages are settled, Nalan Mansion will have double happiness!”

Zhu Zhongba comfortably showed the affectionate expression, and he reached out to Nalan Feixue, “Sister Feixue, you will be mine from now on…”

“Don’t touch me!! You fat pig, get out of the way!!” Nalan Feixue let out a sharp scream. She launched a wind blade with her hand at Zhu Zhongba.

Zhu Zhongba didn’t defend at all. Seeing that the wind blade was about to hit Zhu Zhongba, Zhu Yiqun rushed out in time to block the attack for Zhu Zhongba.

Zhu Yiqun’s face immediately sank and looked at Nalan Zhengze coldly, “Doctor Nalan, His Highness has said that he is going to marry the Third Miss of Nalan Mansion. Do you still want to go back on your words to reject the marriage with Zhu Family?”

Nalan Zhengze’s face was pale. He couldn’t speak for a while.


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