The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 685: Shriveled Little Daylily
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 685: Shriveled Little Daylily

At this moment, Nalan Ziyun suddenly said, “Your Highness, you haven’t met my third sister right? Why don’t you wait until you meet my third sister before deciding which lady to marry from the Nalan Family?”

When Nalan Ziyun said this, Nalan Feixue and Mrs. Nalan were immediately happy.
Nalan Feixue nodded repeatedly and said, “Yes! Yes! Brother Prince, as long as you see that ugly monster, you will never want to marry her!”

After that, she glared at the maid who was aside, and sternly said, “Hurry up and call Nalan Hexi!”

After a while, Hexi, dressed in plain clothes, was brought up by the maid.

As soon as Hexi appeared, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention, but most people were feeling contemptuous.

Nalan Hexi’s appearance was too lackluster. She didn’t have Nalan Feixue’s exquisite and graceful curves and no snow-white skin. She had a sallow face. Black patches were arond her eyes, and her eyelids were swollen.
Zhu Zhongba could even recognize Hexi at the first glance.

However, he was frightened after being hit by Hexi the first two times. When he saw Hexi, his first reaction wasn’t angry, but he shrank his neck, just hoping that she would not see him.

Although the time for the slave’s ownership was long over, the slave mark in Zhu Zhongba’s mind was only for temporary handover, and it would not be kept for long.

But Zhu Zhongba’s fear of Hexi had penetrated into his bones.
What’s more, compared to the hatred of Hexi, he now wants to marry Nalan Feixue, the beautiful girl. Otherwise, as long as he thought of marrying Hexi, the ugly monster, and being punched and kicked by her every day, Zhu Zhongba could not help but shudder.

The moment Shangguan Qi saw Nalan Hexi, his brows frowned.

He really didn’t expect Nalan Hexi to be so ugly. She looked so shriveled like a little daylily. She didn’t have the charm of Nalan Feixue at all.

Such a woman, if she was placed in the crown prince’s palace, she wasn’t even qualified to be a maid.
When Nalan Ziyun saw the crown prince showed a serious contempt and disgust after seeing Hexi, he couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Your Highness, this is my third sister, Nalan Hexi.”

As he said, he got closer to the prince and lowered his voice, “Your Highness, my third sister is really just a mortal. The special physique that I spoke of, it was her who told me. But I later only got to know that it was a lie made by my third sister to win my father’s favor.”

“In fact, my third sister is really just an ordinary person, and maybe because she was raised in the courtyard since she was a child, she may be a little rude.”

The crown prince frowned a little tighter upon hearing this.

In fact, when Nalan Ziyun told him about Nalan Hexi’s pure yin physique, he also sent someone to investigate.
The results of the investigation did not find out what kind of physique she was, but after hearing someone describe her ugly appearance and cowardly personality, he had lost the interest.

But on Breaking Spirit Mountain, Shangguan Qi accidentally knew that the young Miracle Healer Xi Yue was asking about Nalan Hexi, and he couldn’t help but become curious again.

Who was Xi Yue? He was the most dazzling new star in Yanjing City in recent years.

He cured Ouyang Haoxuan’s terminal illness, solved the blood drunk poison in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, and he was favored by His Royal Highness King of Hell.

Even the little princess Shen Qingchuo of the Shen Family, and their Qixing Palace’s Xia Yichen, both respected him very much.


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