The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 688: Hearing One’s Reputation Wasn’t a Good as Meeting One Personally
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 688: Hearing One’s Reputation Wasn’t a Good as Meeting One Personally

As soon as the woman walked in, Mrs. Nalan couldn’t help but rushed over excitedly. She was speaking in a tremble, “Yurong, my daughter, you are finally back!”

Nalan Feixue also rushed into Nalan Yurong’s arms and cried aggrievedly, “Elder sister, you are finally back, you must help Feixue!”
The person came in was Nalan Yurong; the most outstanding child in the generation of Nalan Family.

Regardless of her appearance or temperament, she was the best among the members of the Nalan Family.

In her early thirties, she was already a master of the peak of the Meridians Stage. Most importantly, she was also a fourth rank doctor. She was even the disciple of Master Xukong, the elder of the Doctors Association.

Even if Nalan Feixue was equally charming and talented, she would seem ordinary and unremarkable standing with Nalan Yurong.

This was the first time Hexi saw Nalan Yurong. Even in the memory of the original owner, she rarely saw the eldest miss of the Nalan Family.
Nalan Yurong calmly comforted Mrs. Nalan and Nalan Feixue before walking slowly into the hall.

All eyes were looking at her.

Both Zhu Zhongba’s and Zhu Yiqun’s eyes widened, and Zhu Zhongba’s saliva was dripping down.

Shangguan Qi performed better than them, but Nalan Yurong’s outstanding temperament and exquisite appearance still made him look a little infatuated.
Nalan Yurong had long been accustomed to the behavior of these men when they saw her, and she slightly bowed to Nalan Zhengze, “Father, your daughter is back!”

“Great! It’s great that you come back!” Nalan Zhengze, who always looked solemn, revealed a kind smile when he saw Nalan Yurong.

This daughter was the pride of Nalan Family and the pride of Nalan Zhengze!

Nalan Yurong nodded slightly to Shangguan Qi again, but she did not bow to him. She just said in a cold voice, “Greetings to the Your Highness.”
Shangguan Qi didn’t feel humiliated at all, and he said quickly, “Miss, there is no need for that.”

Nalan Yurong finished the greeting with Shangguan Qi, then she turned her icy gaze to Hexi. She smiled slightly as she said, “I think this is the third sister who has caused turmoils in Nalan Mansion recently right? Hearing your reputation isn’t really as good as meeting you personally! ”

Before Hexi could reply, Nalan Yurong’s face suddenly sank and said coldly, “I just heard the third sister’s arrogant words before stepping in. You said that you would rather be a beggar’s wife than an emperor’s concubine? But third sister, do you forget what your identity is? Whether you are a beggar’s wife or an emperor’s concubine, can you simply choose with your identity?”

As soon as Nalan Yurong’s words came out, Nalan Feixue immediately smiled and went along, “Elder sister is right! You’re just a useless person, and you still dare to say don’t want to be the emperor’s concubine? It’s really funny! Do you really think that prince brother will marry an ugly woman like you as his wife?”

Hexi looked at Nalan Yurong. Under the strong pressure of Nalan Yurong, her eyes did not fluctuate at all. The smile on her mouth was plain. She said modestly, “What does elder sister mean by this? Please forgive your third sister, I can’t understand you. Elder sister has always been a self-righteous person. Before when Brother Han of the Shui Yue Sect came to propose, elder sister said that even if Shui Yue Sect is powerful, you will never marry someone you look down on.”
“Why? When it is your third sister’s turn, can’t your third sister look down on the position of the crown prince’s concubine? Isn’t elder sister too double standard?”


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