The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 689: It Was Great!
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 689: It Was Great!

“Or is it that the Nalan Family nowadays has fallen to the point where they have to rely on their children’s marriage to gain power?”

“The big sister must be careful, after all, the most valuable and the most possible person who can exchange power for marriage for the Nalan Family is you, elder sister!”
Nalan Yurong was stunned by what Hexi said. She couldn’t regain her thought for a long while.

In her impression, although she had never seen Nalan Hexi for several times, in her impression, Hexi had always been a cowardly and useless little girl who could only cry.

But now, under the pressure of my own spiritual pressure, Hexi dares to refute me. For many years, in this Nalan Family, even my father seldom refutes me, not to mention other people.

Now this Nalan Hexi, where does her courage come from?

Nalan Feixue grabbed Nalan Yurong’s sleeves and snorted coldly, “Elder sister, she wants to be a beggar’s wife anyway, so let her marry the fat pig, Zhu Zhongba! Being Zhu Zhongba’s wife is better than being a beggar’s wife, she should thank us.”

Nalan Yurong glanced at Zhu Zhongba who was on the side, and a hint of disgust flashed in her eyes. She instead smiled, “Feixue is right. Since third sister is not willing to be the prince’s concubine, let her marry the Zhu Family and be their wife. What does father think about it?”
Nalan Zhengze immediately showed a satisfied smile. He nodded and said, “Of course it is good.”

Nalan Yurong really deserved to be his most beloved daughter. She immediately solved the dilemma that troubled him.

“Then it’ss better to settle the marriage between third sister and Zhu Family today, and let third sister marry Zhu Zhongba as his wife in a few days.”

Nalan Yurong smiled and said undoubtedly, “In addition, since the crown prince came to propose, I think you just want to form a bond with our Nalan Family. Since my third sister isn’t willing in marrying you, why don’t you marry my second sister? She is talented and clever since young, and we have the same mother. If Nalan Feixue marries the crown prince as [wife], I will definitely help from the side.”
Nalan Yurong emphasized the word wife.

Nalan Feixue was the daughter of Nalan Mansion and her blood sister to Nalan Yurong. Unlike Nalan Hexi who was born by a concubine, Nalan Feixue wasn’t out of her league to be the crown prince’s wife.

What’s more, just the crown prince of a small Jinling Kingdom, Nalan Yurong didn’t put him in her eyes at all.

Shangguan Qi frowned. He glanced at Hexi. He wanted to marry her. However, when he remembered her refusal just now that put him on the spot, he was full of hatred and did not want to refute.
What’s more, Nalan Yurong’s identity was special. If he marries Nalan Feixue, she and Master Xukong would really be able to help her in the future, which was also beneficial to him.

Since the crown prince did not speak, it meant acquiescence.

As Nalan Zhengze was very happy, Zhu Zhongba, who had been staring lustfully at Nalan Feixue and Nalan Yurong, suddenly woke up just as the marriage was about to settle.

Thinking that he was going to marry Nalan Hexi, Zhu Zhongba couldn’t help but yelled like a pig, “I don’t want to marry that woman; I don’t want to marry Nalan Hexi… Father, I definitely don’t want to marry that ugly monster!”

If I marry that witch home, I will definitely not survive the wedding night!

Zhu Zhongba wanted to yell this sentence. But when he looked at Hexi’s indifferent gaze, he trembled in fright and never dared to talk nonsense again.
Zhu Yiqun’s face also looked very ugly.


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