The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 690: The King Of Hell Mansion’s Proposal
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 690: The King Of Hell Mansion’s Proposal

The Nalan Family’s attitude that they didn’t pay attention to their Zhu Family at all made him feel aggrieved, but he couldn’t vent it.

His son wanted to marry the legitimate daughter, but now it became the concubine’s daughter; a beautiful wife now became an ugly one. How could they reconcile?

Zhu Yiqun gritted his teeth under great pressure, “Doctor Nalan, don’t forget, Nalan Second Miss and my family, Zhongba had an intimate relationship before…”

“Master Zhu, please be careful with your words!” Nalan Yurong interrupted Zhu Yiqun coldly. His voice was cold, and he released his spirit pressure quietly. “I think Master Zhu must have made a mistake, right? Someone who has had an intimate relationship with Zhu Zhongba was not Feixue, but Hexi right? It’s just that Master Zhu was confused, so you recognized the wrong person. Master Zhu, am I right?”

The sweat on Zhu Yiqun’s forehead fell like rain, and his face became more and more ugly.

Zhu Zhongba looked even worse. He was trembling all over. The smell of urine spread from his crotch, and his face was full of perplex and fear.

Zhu Yiqun couldn’t resist the pressure, so he could only say in a tremble, “Yes… yes, we Zhu Family will want to marry… Third Miss.”

“That’s the best!”

Nalan Yurong showed a satisfied smile, and the spirit pressure instantly reduced.

Nalan Feixue flew next to Nalan Yurong like a butterfly. She held Yurong’s arm and said softly, “Elder sister, fortunately, you are here, otherwise mother and I will be bullied to death by that slut. Elder sister, you are the best for me!”

Nalan Yurong smiled arrogantly, staring at Hexi with disdain, “You are just a mere mortal, do you really think you can turn the sky? Second sister, you have to look farther. Get along with crown prince after you marry him. As for the ants, just trample them to death!”

Nalan Feixue nodded again and again. Her eyes were full of excitement and triumph, and occasionally she looked at Shangguan Qi with shyness and happiness.

Seeing that the situation was set, Nalan Zhengze coughed lightly and said with a delighted smile, “Since Master Zhu and His Highness have both agreed, then this marriage…”

“Master! Master! Master, Madam!…” An anxious shout came from the door.

The manservant who ran in stumbled; his face was panic. When he crossed the threshold, he almost tripped and fell down!

“What is it to panic about? Where is your manner?” Nalan Zhengze’s face immediately turned black. “Have you not seen how many distinguished guests are in the room? Don’t you know how shameful it is!”

But the manservant didn’t seem to hear Nalan Zhengze’s blame at all. He knelt on the ground and stammered, “Mas… Master, someone is visiting outside the door!”

Why there are people visiting again? A look of surprise appeared on Nalan Zhengze’s face.

What the hell is going on today? All sorts of matters happen altogether?

Nalan Zhengze said solemnly, “Whoever is visiting, let him give the greeting card…”

“Yes… It’s King of Hell Mansion, it’s the butler of King of Hell Mansion!” The manservant suddenly raised his voice. He was almost growling, “King… King of Hell Mansion is also here to propose marriage!”

Another one comes to propose marriage?!

Nalan Zhengze’s first reaction was that why all people chose to propose marriage today?

But the next moment, he reacted to the guest that the manservant was talking about.

“You… who are you talking about?! Who is here to propose marriage?!!!” Nalan Zhengze suddenly stood up and asked with a trembling voice.

The manservant swallowed, and he felt like he was dreaming, “It is Butler Nan of the King of Hell Mansion. He… he said that he is here to propose marriage on behalf of His Royal Highness King of Hell!!”


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