The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 691: Hero Saves the Beauty
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 691: Hero Saves the Beauty

As soon as these words came out, the main hall of Nalan Mansion fell into a strange silence again.

And this time, except for Hexi, everyone’s faces were incredibly shocked.
Hexi glanced at Qing Luan next to her, and Qing Luan immediately showed an expression of “I’m innocent; I haven’t done anything.”

Nalan Zhengze froze for a while, then he recovered abruptly. He immediately shouted, “Quick, quickly welcome the person! Let him come in!”

Everyone knew Butler Nan of the King of Hell Mansion in Yanjing City. He was the master of the Gold Core Stage, and he was responsible for the external affairs of the King of Hell Mansion.

It could be said that the presence of Butler Nan represented the meaning of King of Hell Nangong Yu.

The manservant stumbled and ran out, but Nalan Zhengze quickly wondered, “How can King of Hell come to propose marriage?”
Even Shangguan Qi was shocked.

That was King of Hell! Don’t see that the Shangguan Family was the royal family of Jin Ling Kingdom, but they were incomparable compared to King of Hell, Nangong Yu.

He was the only Nascent Soul stage master in the Jin Ling Kingdom who was only twenty years old!

The Iron Kirin Army in his hand could block the fierce magical beast army from the magical beast forest.
The four major sects of the Miluo Continent completely looked down on Jin Ling Kingdom, but in the face of Nangong Yu, no sect dared not take him seriously.

Even the arrogant Feng Family wanted to have a marriage with Nangong Yu. It was just that Nangong Yu didn’t like Feng Lianying!

But now, the aloof King of Hell came to Nalan Family to propose marriage?!

What secrets were hidden in the Nalan Family, how could it attract Nangong Yu’s attention?
Everyone was shocked and puzzled.

At this time, Nalan Yurong, who had always had a cold and proud expression, suddenly flushed and showed a shy expression.

Mrs. Nalan’s eyes were keen; she noticed her daughter acting abnormally. She couldn’t help asking, “Yurong, what’s the matter with you?”

Nalan Yurong tried her best to maintain her cold and arrogant expression, but her words still revealed infinite joy and contentment. “I probably know why King of Hell comes to propose marriage.”

“What?!” Mrs. Nalan and Nalan Zhengze exclaimed at the same time.
Mrs. Nalan was even more surprised and delighted, and she said in disbelief, “Yurong, do you know King of Hell? Are you two…”

Nalan Yurong blushed instantly, showing the tenderness of a little girl. She said softly, “On my way home this time, I passed by the Qingming Peak on the edge of the magical beast forest, and I just ran into the rank five magical beast rhinoceros. Fortunately, King of Hell helped out in time, so I was not injured.”

“Oh, it turns out to be a hero saved the beauty. Good, it’s great!” Mrs. Nalan said excitedly, “Because King of Hell saved you, so you two fell in love at first sight? King of Hell just met you, and he comes to propose marriage just after a few days. It seems that he really loves you.”

Nalan Yurong pulled Mrs. Nalan’s sleeve and said, “Mother, stop! I’m so shy!”

“If you can really marry the King of Hell Mansion, then our Nalan Mansion will be greatly promoted!” Mrs.Nalan grabbed her daughter’s hand, and her voice was a little trembling. “Everyone thought that King of Hell and the Ice Lotus Fairy are a pair, and no one dared to think about the position of King of Hell’s wife. Now that Feng Lianying had ruined her virginity and future on her own. Everyone is eyeing on the position of King of Hell’s wife… I didn’t expect Yurong, you can actually get the favor of King of Hell, If marriage is known by the public, how many women in the Miluo Continent will envy you!”


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