The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 692: Should I Congratulate Him?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 692: Should I Congratulate Him?

Nalan Yurong was proud and vain with her cheeks blushing, but she said arrogantly, “How can Feng Lianying, a shameless woman, be worthy of King of Hell. Mother, you don’t know excellent, handsome and attractive King of Hell is…”

Mrs. Nalan had never seen her noble eldest daughter showed such a shy attitude. Knowing that she liked His Royal Highness King of Hell, and now that King of Hell came to propose marriage, it was really… there was nothing better than this!
Nalan Zhengze was even more surprised and delighted when he heard what his eldest daughter said.

That’s King of Hell! If Yurong can really marry King of Hell, then Nalan Mansion is equivalent to riding the Blue Cloud Ladder (a path to the higher position. We don’t have to worry about not having the chance to rise in the future.

Who dares to say that King of Hell Mansion’s in-laws are not the largest family in Yanjing City?

As long as Yurong can really marry King of Hell, even if I can’t get An Lingyue’s relic, it doesn’t matter.

Thinking of this, Nalan Zhengze paced in the room with excitement. He couldn’t wait for the manservant to bring the person in.

In this way, the crown prince and Zhu Family were naturally treated indifferently. Zhu Family was still fine, but Shangguan Qi was different. Seeing such a scene, he naturally felt unhappy.

But thinking that the person who proposed marriage coming from the King of Hell Mansion, Shangguan Qi could only swallow back his dissatisfaction.
King of Hell, Nangong Yu, was by no means a Jin Ling Kingdom’s royal family could offend.

Hexi and Qing Luan heard all Nalan Yurong’s words clearly. Hexi narrowed her eyes slightly; her eyes were gleaming.

Nangong Yu, the guy who attracted all sorts of women, just drove away a Feng Lianying, then he attracted another Nalan Yurong.

Both fell in love at first sight. Hmph! Should I congratulate him?

Azhu stared at Nalan Yurong angrily, and she thought in her heart, My master is only 20 years old, and this old woman is in her 30s. She even dares to miss my master. She isn’t even comparable to princess’ hair. She even dares to think about marrying into King of Hell Mansion.

She is simply dreaming!

After a while, Butler Nan walked slowly into the main hall.
He looked only around the age of forty. He had a gentle and elegant temperament. The spirit pressure was completely kept inside his body.

If one didn’t recognize him, he was just a middle-aged man with no cultivation base and a good temper.

But everyone present did not dare to look down upon this Butler Nan.

This was King of Hell Nangong Yu’s closest confidant besides Qing Long, Bai Hu, Zhu Que, and Xuan Wu. He took care of all the internal and external affairs of King of Hell Mansion.
Moreover, he was also a master at the peak of the Gold Core Stage.

As soon as Butler Nan entered the door, his eyes flashed a strange light. After that, he looked at Hexi and Qing Luan like there was nothing unusual, “Doctor Nalan, sorry for visiting abruptly. Doctor Nalan please don’t be offended.”

“Not at all!” Doctor Nalan hurriedly replied respectfully; his face full of fear and flattery.

Butler Nan smiled slightly and said, “I believe that Doctor Nalan has already known the intention of my visit. I’m here to represent my master, King of Hell, Nan Gongyu, to propose marriage to Nalan Family’s miss.”

Although Nalan Zhengze was mentally prepared, he still took a deep breath upon hearing this sentence.
The hands hanging by his side trembled slightly because of excitement, and he also couldn’t maintain the calmness in his voice, “Bu… Butler Nan, you are here to propose marriage for King of Hell. May I ask is he marrying my daughter to be his wife or…”


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