The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 694: Who Was Better or Worse
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 694: Who Was Better or Worse

“Or, the eldest lady of Nalan Mansion is also called Nalan Hexi? My master said clearly that he wants to marry Nalan Hexi.”

“No, it’s impossible!!” Nalan Yurong couldn’t help raising her volume. Her pretty face flushed with anger, “Obviously, King of Hell and I only fell in love after he saved me a few days ago. His eyes were also full of affection looking at me. How could it be Nalan Hexi? You obviously distorted the will of your master. Aren’t you afraid that King of Hell will put the blame on you!”
“Yurong, shut up–!” Before Butler Nan spoke, Nalan Zhengze grabbed Nalan Yurong and apologized to Butler Nan repeatedly. “Butler Nan, my daughter is still young and innocent. She just spoke without thinking. Please don’t be bothered by her.”

As the saying goes, the one standing in front of the prime minister’s gate was a third grade officer. Butler Nan represented the King of Hell Mansion. How could he be simply questioned?

What’s more, Nan Guanjia himself was a master of the Gold Core Stage.

Butler Nan chuckled. His voice full of sarcasm, “It’s really eye opening for visiting Nalan Mansion today. I didn’t expect there is still someone who dares to pretend to be King of Hell’s wife. Is Miss Nalan thought you can be impertinent to show off to our King of Hell Mansion for being the disciple of Master Xukong!”

“Butler Nan, please calm down! Don’t be angry!” Nalan Zhengze’s sweat dripped off his forehead. He apologized repeatedly, and he finally let Butler Nan retrieved the spiritual power fluctuations from his body.
Just thinking that the person the King of Hell proposed marriage was Nalan Hexi, he couldn’t help but feel a surge in his heart. It was as if he had swallowed dozens of flies, making him nausea and heartache.

Nalan Hexi, the illegitimate child, is not a child of my Nalan Family at all. If she marries into the King of Hell Mansion, what good does our Nalan Family have?

Not to mention, she has long since separated from Nalan Mansion, and An Lingyue’s relics are still in her hand. If she marries King of Hell and uses the power of King of Hell Mansion to deal with Nalan Mansion, wouldn’t it be the end of Nalan Mansion?!

Thinking of this, Nalan Zhengze gritted his teeth and said to Butler Nan, “Butler Nan, I don’t want to conceal it. It’s not that I want to refuse King of Hell’s propose. But my third daughter… she…”

As he said, there was an expression of shame on his face as if he had made up his mind, “Butler Nan didn’t know that my third daughter, Nalan Hei, is born with a useless physique and ugly face. Moreover, she… she has an intimate relations with Zhu Family’s young master. Such a girl who has no virtue, appearance and talent really can’t match up to King of Hell!”

“But my eldest daughter Nalan Yurong is different.” Nalan Zhengze glanced at Nalan Yurong and quickly smiled, “Yurong has been very talented since she was a child. She is the direct disciple of Master Xukong. After she became a master’s disciple, she already has the title of the fourth rank doctor. Moreover, Yurong has been gentle, frugal, dignified and elegant since she was a child. Although her cultivation level cannot be compared with King of Hell, Master Xukong said that as long as the person is Yurong’s husband-in-law, he will do his best to support him. Master Xukong is the elder of the Doctors Association. With the assistance of Master Xukong, I believe King of Hell’s strength will ascend to another level.”

“Who are better or worse among my daughters, I believe King of Hell can tell if he just thinks about it. Butler Nan, why don’t you go and talk to King of Hell again? Maybe King of Hell really got it wrong?”


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