The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 695: His Little Girl
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 695: His Little Girl

Butler Nan sneered faintly. Before he could speak, a low voice came from the door.

“Nalan Zhengze, what you mean by this sentence? Are you saying that I can is that this king is blind and can’t see good or bad?”
This sound seemed to appear out of thin air, resounding in the ears of everyone in the main hall.

The voice was actually very pleasant. It brought a numb magnetism that made people blush and had a heartbeat, and the tone of voice did not fluctuate. There was even a hint of a smile in the tone. However, Nalan Zhengze was terrified that he almost fell to the ground as he heard it.

The next moment, everyone looked at the door of the main hall with their eyes looking straightened and their breathing paused.

A bright noon sunlight shone from behind everyone’s, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

However, the presence of the person was not concealed by the dazzling sunlight as if he was a noble god that strolled in the human world. He approached slowly toward the ant-like mortal.
As he walked in slowly, everyone could see the face of the person coming in.

After that, they all took a deep breath. This was a man who was so handsome that it couldn’t be described in words.

Whether it was the eyebrows and facial features that captured the essence of the world, or the tall and slender figure, or the demeanor that looked down on everyone else, it let people have an urge to kneel and worship him.

This was Nangong Yu, the only Nascent Soul stage master of Jin Ling Kingdom; the real peak powerhouse; King of Hell – Nangong Yu.
Especially after the battle with Liu Li Sect, although the smell of blood on his body had been washed away, the murderous aura was still imprinted in his bones. In between his breath, his every move even had a chilling murderous aura.

As soon as Nangong Yu appeared, he attracted everyone’s attention, and it made everyone silent. They didn’t even dare to gasp.

Even Shangguan Qi, who wanted to greet with a smile, was afraid to step forward because of an inexplicable fear.

Nangong Yu’s scorching eyes were looking at Hexi.
How long has it been since I saw my little girl?

In fact, it was only one or two months since they met at the Breaking Spirit Mountain, but it was like a century for Nangong Yu.

His eyes greedily looked around Hexi’s body carefully.

At first, he regretted that Xi’er didn’t show that beautiful face, but when facing those cold eyes, Nangong Yu felt that no matter what Hexi looked like, he was his Xi’er.

Even now, this pair of skinny faces and unsurprising appearance was so cute in his eyes that he couldn’t wait to hold it in his arms and rub it.

Nangong Yu was eager to get close to Hexi, so naturally he wouldn’t wrong himself as he walked toward her.
As for the others in this room, he didn’t put them in his eyes at all like they were non-existent air.

Since Nangong Yu appeared, Nalan Yurong looked at him obsessively. Her heart was thumping; it almost pounced out from her throat.

She studied under Master Xukong. It was not that she had never seen a good man, even her senior fellow apprentices were all young and handsome with outstanding talents.

However, when Nalan Yurong met Nangong Yu, she knew that there was a kind of man in the world that no other man was comparable to him.

Whether it was Nangong Yu’s excellent appearance, the terrifying cultivation level of the Nascent Soul stage that was achieved only at the age of twenty, or his majestic aura that despised the world, all of these made Nalan Yurong moved.


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