The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 698: Love At First Sigh
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 698: Love At First Sigh

Nalan Yurong was totally unwilling to believe what Qing Long said, and she kept muttering, “Impossible! Impossible! You must have lied to me. I’m so excellent and beautiful. How can you not like me? Your Highness King of Hell, have you lost your memory? Have you forgotten the beautiful moment we had!?”

“Crazy woman!” Nangong Yu’s eyes were cold, and he said coldly, “Nalan Yurong, you killed the spirit fox that I want to give the princess, and I didn’t ask for compensation from you, but you actually blame me instead. You say, how can I repay you?”
As soon as the voice fell, a chill of murder suddenly spread throughout the hall.

Even the unrelated Shangguan Qi, Nalan Zhengze and others were trembling due to the powerful spirit pressure. They almost fainted.

Not to mention Nalan Yurong who was in the front.

Her face was pale, her eyes were full of fear, her blood was even surging, and a mouthful of blood came out.

“Yurong——!!!” Mrs. Nalan exclaimed. She rushed to his daughter’s side and repeatedly kowtow to Nangong Yu to beg for mercy, “Your Highness King of Hell, please spare her life! Please spare my daughter’s life! She didn’t mean to offend Your Highness! Please forgive her!”
Nangong Yu snorted coldly, and the spirit pressure on his body slowly subsided.

Nalan Yurong’s body trembled violently, then she fell into Mrs. Nalan’s arms.

“Yurong, Yurong, are you alright? Don’t scare your mother!”

Mrs. Nalan looked at the miserable look of her daughter who had always been arrogant in her arms, and she couldn’t help crying.
This is my proudest and most precious eldest daughter. She has always been the target of praise and admiration by others, and she has a high confidence.

Now that she has suffered such humiliation in front of everyone else, how can she face it in the future!

And all this is caused by the bitch Nalan Hexi!

What method did she use to seduce the crown prince and King of Hell?

As Mrs. Nalan thought about it, he temples vibrated violently. The blood in her body also surged; her mind was in complete chaos as if she would lose her mind at any time.

The atmosphere in the main hall became more and more weird.

Nalan Zhengze’s face was pale. He wanted to say something to stop the marriage, but he was timid when faced with the terrifying pressure of King of Hell.

Compared with Nalan Zhengze’s fear and aggrieved, Nalan Ziyun was more resentful.
Nalan Hexi, this ugly monster, how can she get the favors of so many people?

Nevermind if Xi Yue and the crown prince are seduced by her, now even King of Hell…

Nalan Zhengze took a deep breath and took a moment to ask Nangong Yu cautiously, “His Highness King of Hell, could it be said that you… you really fell in love with Hexi, and you want to… marry her as King of Hell’s wife?”

Nangong Yu squinted his eyes and showed a displeased expression, “I’m already standing here. Do you think it is true or not?”

“But, this… how is this possible?” Nalan Ziyun finally couldn’t help it. She almost blurted out, “She is just a mortal with no cultivation base, and you are King of Hell, how can you really like her? ”

The cold light in Nangong Yu’s eyes flashed through. He looked at Nalan Ziyun with an ambiguous smile and slowly said, “How can it be impossible? I fell in love with Xi’er at first sight. Now I come here specifically to propose to her. What’s wrong with it? Or, you want to question my decision?”

“No… no… I dare not!” Nalan Ziyun shivered under Nangong Yu’s terrifying gaze. He burst into a cold sweat and didn’t dare to say anything.


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