The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 704: Insider and Outsider
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 704: Insider and Outsider

Nangong Yu held Hexi’s face. His eyes were burning, and he whispered, “Xi’er, I really want to marry you home immediately, otherwise, I’m really afraid I can’t bear it!”

As he said, he also hugged Hexi’s waist and bring her closer to his embrace, letting her feel his heated impulse.
Feeling the long and hard object pointing at her, Hexi stiffened and pushed Nangong Yu away.

She stared at the man in front of her, and said angrily, “You…you are shameless!”

Nangong Yu was pushed into a chair by her, then he covered his chest, lowered his eyes slightly, and showed a painful expression.

Hexi was taken aback. He rushed over to grab his wrist and check, “Nangong Yu, how are you?”

However, before the words were finished, she was hugged by Nangong Yu.
Nangong Yu placed her on his lap with a smug and sweet smile on his face. He leaned to her ear and whispered, “I was initially hurt, but when I saw Xi’er worry about me, then it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“You… Nangong Yu, can you be more shameless?” Hexi glared at him viciously.

In return, Nangong Yu laughed with no sense of shame. He even bowed his head and kissed the corner of her mouth in a pampering gesture.

Only this time, Hexi ignored him and grabbed his hand.
This time was is no longer the water spiritual power that went into the Nangong Yu meridian, but the pure wood spiritual power.

When the wood spiritual power went in, Hexi knew the injuries and meridians situation in Nangong Yu’s body clearly.

Also because of the magical healing ability of the wood spiritual power, when the spiritual power flowed through the stagnant meridians, it would quickly alleviate the damage of the meridians.

Nangong Yu didn’t notice anything wrong at first. When he felt his meridians began to heal, his face showed a surprised expression.
Nangong Yu knew from the beginning that Hexi possessed chaotic dantian and five elements spiritual power, but he always thought that the so-called five elements spiritual power was mainly based on pure water and fire spiritual power. In fact, Hexi had always been using these two spiritual power most of the time.

But now, Hexi was actually using the wood spiritual power to heal him, and it was so pure that Nangong Yu had never seen before?

Nangong Yu couldn’t help but said, “Xi’er, do you know what spiritual power you are using?”

Hexi rolled her eyes at him, “I know that wood spiritual power cannot be used casually in front of outsiders. The last time I treated Gu Liufeng’s mother, he warned me. It’s just that I’m very curious. It’s also the spiritual power of the basic attributes of the five elements. Why in Miluo Continent, there are so few people who can use the pure wood spiritual power?”

Nangong Yu did not answer, but he stared straight at her.
Seeing that Hexi was getting goosebumps, he pulled her into his arms. He said angrily,, “You also know that wood spiritual power cannot be used casually in front of outsiders, then you are still using in front of Gu Liufeng, that brat? Is it for you that his relationship with you is closer than me?”

Hexi was really feeling angry and funny when she heard him, “When I used wood spiritual power in front of Gu Liufeng, I didn’t know that it was an ability that could not be displayed in front of outsiders. What’s more, didn’t you already know that I have the spiritual power of five elements?”

When Nangong Yu heard it, he felt that it was the case indeed. Hexi didn’t conceal anything from him at the beginning. It was just that he didn’t think about the spiritual power at first.

Someone immediately became happy. He kissed Hexi again and again, and he whispered in her ear, “So, I’m the only insider of Xi’er, everyone else is outsider, en?”


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