The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 709: Are You Crazy?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 709: Are You Crazy?

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It was a quiet dark night.
It was very quiet in Xin Yue House where Hexi lived.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past. Several figures quietly sneaked into Xin Yue House.

The guards and manservants who were guarding the entrance of Xin Yue House were nowhere to be found at this time.

These people went straight in and pushed open the door of Hexi’s bedroom.

“Who is it?” Mai Xiang quickly got up from the bed, lit the candle in the room, and asked loudly, “Why are you breaking into Miss’ room?”
“Miss, bah, what kind of Miss is she? She’s just an illegitimate child that no one cares about. After living in Nalan Mansion for a few days, she really thought she is Nalan Family’s Miss?”

Nalan Feixue walked in swaggeringly with several guards and two sturdy maids behind her.

At this time Hexi had already sat up from the bed. She didn’t take off her clothes yet, and she didn’t look panic at all.

After getting up, Qing Luan poured her a cup of tea.
Hexi was drinking tea as she slowly said, “May I ask why is second sister bringing a bunch of people into my room?”

Nalan Feixue motioned to the maids behind her.

The two maids immediately stepped forward and took out a set of phoenix crown and xiapei and placed them in front of Hexi.

Nalan Feixue smiled smugly, “Third sister, this is the phoenix crown xiapei Zhu Family specially prepared for you. You should try it if it doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t fit, second sister will immediately ask the embroider to change it for you.”
Hexi raised her eyebrows and sneered, “Second Sister, are you crazy? I remember that the person that Zhu Family’s young master is going to marry is you. These clothes should be given to you by the Zhu Family right? What does it have to do with me?”

“If it weren’t for you bitch, I would have married to the crown prince! Why would I have to marry that fat pig, Zhu Zhongba!”

Nalan Feixue couldn’t help but let out a sharp yell. It was particularly harsh on this dark night.

But the strange thing was that no one in the Nalan Mansion was alarmed by such a loud noise. The guards who were originally patrolling outside the Xin Yue House were gone.

Nalan Feixue took a deep breath, and she forced a smile, “Third sister, I advise you to wear this wedding gown obediently. You must take one step at a time. Don’t reach for the things that are beyond your level.”
“What is the status of King of Hell, what character is he, and what kind of person are you, Third Sister? Do you think that with your beauty, you can really get the favor of King of Hell? Stop dreaming!”

“Let me tell you the truth! You better not take things too seriously today. King of Hell did this today, just because he had arguments with elder sister, so he proposed to you to irritate elder sister. You are just a tool that King of Hell picked up casually. As long as elder sister flatters King of Hell, they will be together, and you will be dumped like a rubbish. Do you know how miserable you are?”

As Nalan Feixue said, she giggled as if she really saw Nalan Hexi’s miserable future.

She stretched out her slender finger and pointed at the wedding gown beside her as if she was doing a charity. She said with a chuckle, “So, second sister advises you that you should cherish the opportunity to marry to the Zhu Family. With third sister’s appearance and talent, you are just barely matching up the Zhu Zhongba.”


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