The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 711: Likes Both Men and Women
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 711: Likes Both Men and Women

Nalan Ziyun immediately said, “Sister, have you forgotten? Nalan Yurong is Master Xukong’s direct disciple, and Nalan Feixue is her sister. Even if she really kills me, father can’t put the blame on her! Sister, I’m your real brother. I loved you the most when you were a kid. You must save me, okay?”

Nalan Feixue heard Nalan Ziyun’s words and immediately laughed and said, “What now? Nalan Hexi, don’t you want to save your brother’s life?”

He Xiang and Chui Lu knelt in front of Hexi, and they kept crying and kowtowing, “Third Miss, please save young master, have you forgotten? When Mrs. Nalan was about to beat you, young master desperately stood in front of you. Young master even sent to serve you Miss. Miss should remember young master’s kindness to you right?”

“If Miss doesn’t save young master, you are really worse than the animal; you’re not a human at all!”

Standing next to Hexi, Mai Xiang frowned angrily. She wanted to speak, but she was pulled back by Hexi.

Hexi looked at Nalan Ziyun and smiled, “Oh, dear brother, how do you want me to save you?”

Nalan Ziyun coughed twice and quickly said, “Sister, just listen to Nalan Feixue’s words and marry Zhu Zhongba. Otherwise, they will really kill me.”

“Although King of Hell said that he wanted to marry you, you also heard that it was because King of Hell wanted to attract the attention of the elder sister. He doesn’t really like you at all. Zhu Zhongba is different. Zhu Family’s power is similar to our Nalan Family. Even if sister marries him, Zhu Family will not dare to disrespect you.”

“What’s more, Zhu Family is even the richest family in Jin Ling Kingdom. Sister will definitely enjoy endless glory and wealth after marrying. My sister, you should agree to it!”

Even Hexi’s mood was calm as usual, she couldn’t refrain herself from laughing when she saw their amusing performance.

She shook her head and sighed, “You really deserve to be my good brother. You still concern about my happiness at this time. However, I think second sister wants me to marry me just because she doesn’t want to marry Zhu Zhongba right?”

Without waiting for Nalan Feixue to speak, Hexi had continued, “If this is the case, let Nalan Ziyun replace you instead. Anyway, I heard that Zhu Zhongba likes both men and women. Nalan Ziyun is still a young man. In addition to being handsome, everything else is fine except that he can’t have children. I believe the Zhu Family will be satisfied too!”

“You–!” Nalan Ziyun’s face twisted.

He Xiang and Chui Lu were also dumbfounded. They immediately couldn’t help crying and yelling at Hexi, “Third Miss, how can you say this? Young master is your brother! Is your conscience eaten by dogs? Young Master is really wrong to treat you so good!”

“Treat me good?” Hexi burst into laughter. She said with disdain, “Nalan Ziyun, I kindly remind you that if you really want to express the affection between you and me, can you please make the makeup on your face be more realistic and tie the rope on your body tighter? You all really think Nalan Hexi is a fool who you can simply fool around?”

The expression on Nalan Ziyun’s face became stiff, and his eyes gradually looked gloomy.

Nalan Feixue sneered impatiently, “I told you that this trick doesn’t work, this slut is shameless and selfish, how can he really care about you. Why are we talking so much nonsense? Just take her down!”


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