The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 713: The Wedding Ceremony
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 713: The Wedding Ceremony

Nalan Ziyun nodded repeatedly. His face was full of excitement and cheerful expression.

As Nalan Feixue was about to ask the maids and manservants behind her to lift the people out, she suddenly felt something was wrong.
At the same time, Nalan Ziyun also felt something was wrong.

The originally silent room was even more silent now. It was as if there were only the breathing and voice of the remaining two people.

However, there should still be the guards and maids I brought in this room!

Nalan Feixue thought in surprise and horror, then she turned to look.

What appeared before her was Qing Luan’s cold and ordinary face, as well as those eyes full of contempt and disgust.

This… isn’t this the maid of Nalan Hexi? Shouldn’t she be unconscious?

Nalan Feixue only had such a thought in her mind, and she fainted right away.
Similarly, Nalan Ziyun also fainted without making a sound.

Nalan Ziyun was even thinking that after Nalan Hexi was spoiled by Zhu Zhongba, this bitch would beg him for mercy. By the time, he would join the Doctors Association and get the relics of An Lingyue. The entire Nalan Mansion would belong to him.

Even Nalan Zhengze, he couldn’t ignore Nalan Ziyun.

However, as soon as his thoughts turned, he saw Nalan Hexi’s half smile eyes with pity and disdain like she was looking at ants. It was as if he would step into the abyss in the next moment.
After that, he completely lost consciousness.


On the second day, the Nalan Mansion was decorated with lanterns and streamers, and it was very lively.

Because of the hurried preparation, and the Zhu Family wanted to marry the pretty wife and let his son go through the consummation, the wedding time was set at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
However, because Zhu Zhongba and Zhu Yiqun were anxious, the sedan chair was already in front of the Nalan Mansion just after noon.

Just in case, Zhu Family also hired a lot of experts to help out, and he invited the Sixth Prince to his house to join the wedding dinner, so as to prevent the Nalan Family from going back on their words.

But the whole process went smoothly beyond their imagination.

Even when the bride was welcomed into the sedan chair, there was no slightest resistance.

Zhu Yiqun was relieved as he thought that Nalan Mansion was afraid of King of Hell, so they didn’t dare to make trouble.
Zhu Zhongba’s pig face was smiling happily. Thinking that he could marry such a tempting pretty wife, he couldn’t help drooling. He wished it was night now so he could consummate now.

After taking the bride, the groom’s procession team of the Zhu Family left in a huge commotion. The sound of gongs and drums resounded throughout the street, attracting countless onlookers.

Mrs. Nalan and Nalan Yurong saw the sedan chair leaving, and a cheerful smile appeared on her face.

Nalan Yurong whispered, “Have you confirmed with Feixue that there is nothing wrong with the whole thing right?”

“Yurong rest assured, this is related to Feixue’s lifelong event. How could she not do it with all her heart.” Mrs. Nalan smiled lightly. She was looking at her eldest daughter with full of pride. “Feixue did it according to your instructions.”

“After the consummation in the bridal chamber tonight is over, even if Zhu Zhongba didn’t consummate with Nalan Hexi, they still worshipped heaven and earth after all. Even if she wanted to renege it, it would almost be impossible!”

“When the time comes, we will spread the news, saying that Nalan Hexi didn’t hesitate to knock Feixue out in order to marry Zhu Zhongba. She even pretended to be Feixue to go into the sedan chair. Hahaha… By the time, Nalan Hexi’s reputation will be ruined completely. How would King of Hell still want her!”


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