The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 714: Threw Herself In
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 714: Threw Herself In

Upon hearing this, Nalan Yurong’s cold face finally burst into a smile.

She squinted her eyes and said, “Mother, it is not good for you to spread these words. Let Nalan Ziyun spread it. He is the younger brother of Nalan Hexi. Whatever comes out of his mouth, I believe more people will trust him!”
“Yes! Yes!” Mrs. Nalan replied repeatedly. She said excitedly, “Yurong, you are really thoughtful. Nalan Ziyun is also an illegitimate child who can’t be present at the proper event. If he wants you to help him joining the Doctors Association, he should at least do something right!”

Nalan Yurong nodded, turned, and walked toward her room.

As she walked, the handsome face of King of Hell, Nangong Yu appeared in her mind, and there was also the tender and gentle gaze when he looked at Hexi.

The hand hanging on her sides suddenly clenched, and her nails were deeply embedded in her palm.

Nalan Hexi, you will soon be ruined and become a woman who is violated. Let’s see how you want to seduce my King of Hell by then!

The bride was picked up by the Zhu Family long ago, but the banquet at Nalan Mansion did not end.

In the front yard, there were guests who were toasting each other to congratulate the marriage between the Nalan Family and the Zhu Family.

However, these guests said congratulations, but they were full of doubts.

In Yanjing City, who didn’t know the virtues of the Zhu Family’s unique son. Not to mention that he was fat, he didn’t have any cultivation as well. He would most likely stay in the Foundation Establishment stage for the rest of his life.
What about Nalan Feixue? She was already at the Foundation Establishment stage at a young age. Coupled with her beautiful appearance and good family background, what kind of man she couldn’t marry? She actually married herself to that pig, Zhu Zhongba?

The strangest thing was that this was obviously not a good marriage, but Mrs. Nalan entertained the guests with a smile. There wasn’t any sadness of throwing her daughter into the fire pit.

Nalan Zhengze always had a serious look, but it could be seen that his mood wasn’t so bad from his occasionally lifted lips.

Although the guests were full of curiosity and doubts, they were still sensible people. Of course, they wouldn’t purposely ask for trouble themselves.
Therefore, the hurriedly prepared wedding banquet between the Nalan Mansion and the Zhu Family turned out to be very lively.

In the entire Nalan Mansion, only one place had been quiet since yesterday.

That was Xin Yue House.

Although the owner of this house did not ask for food today, did not come out to attend the wedding banquet, and there was not even a slight noise in the yard, no one in the Nalan Mansion felt strange. No one even came here to look for the owner of the yard.

However, in the bedroom of Xin Yue House at this time, there was a figure lying on the bed. The breathing was light and shallow.

She obviously didn’t move, but the white gauze dress she was wearing suddenly turned into a black tight shirt.

The beautiful figure showed exquisite lines under the tightly wrapped black outfit.

When Hexi was putting on her clothes, she felt a wave of fluctuations in the space.

Someone approached her sleeping body.

Hexi smiled slightly, and her mind went back to her physical body. She quickly sat up from the bed.

Who knows, as soon as she sat up, she ran into a strong embrace.

Nangong Yu’s low and smiling voice sounded above her head, “My little girl is so enthusiastic. She immediately throws herself into me when she sees me.”
“Get up!” Hexi pushed him away, laughing and cursing, “Stop talking nonsense.”

Nangong Yu didn’t let go. He bent down to hug her horizontally.


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