The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 728: Sister Is Mine
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 728: Sister Is Mine

When Nalan Ziyun saw Hexi’s face looked odd, he thought she was guilty. He immediately slowed down his tone and coaxed, “Nalan Hexi, if you remember a little bit of mother’s dying words and the friendship between us, then hurry up and hand over An Lingyue’s relics and let me keep them.”

“Don’t worry, when I have peerless cultivation become a pill refiner at the grand master level, you will the sister of the grand master. Won’t you feel glorious by the time, right?”
Hexi was about to speak, but she saw the young boy, who had been hiding in the corner, suddenly pounced toward Nalan Ziyun fiercely.

Nalan Ziyun’s cultivation was naturally higher than Xiao Chi, but he was in agitated mood at this time. He didn’t pay attention to the surrounding environment, so he was caught off guard by Xiao Chi and got hit the ground.

His face slammed heavily into the mud, and the smell of mud rushed into his nose accompanied by the smell of excrement and urine and the sour smell of food.

There were even a few small bugs that got in through his nose and kept plopping deep into his nose.

Nalan Ziyun was so frightened that he screamed. He got up with difficulty and sneezed out the bugs from his nose.
He glared at the boy who just pushed him down.

However, he saw that the young boy had already rushed to Hexi’s side at this time, clutching her sleeve and showing an aggrieved and panicked expression.

He said in a stuttering voice, “My… sister… My…”

“Xiao Chi be good!” Hexi gently stroked the boy’s face. Her voice was soft and soothing, “Sister has only Xiao Chi, and I will only like Xiao Chi. Xiao Chi, don’t worry.”
Hearing this, the young man immediately calmed down. His eyes were filled with happiness. He rested his hands on his chest like a faithful dog who had just seen its master.

Seeing the young boy’s instinctive actions like a domesticated beast, Hexi sighed. A feeling of sorrow and grief surged in his heart.

Afterward, she looked at Nalan Ziyun and sneered, “Nalan Ziyun, sometimes I can’t help but admire you and Nalan Zhengze for the thick face. Knowing that you are not An Lingyue’s child, knowing that we do not have any blood relationship, but you keep saying [mother’s relics] in front of me.”

“Haha, even if there is a so-called [mother’s relics], what does this have to do with you, Nalan Ziyun?”
Nalan Ziyun’s eyes widened suddenly, and there were waves of unspeakable panic in his heart.

This time he was really panicked. Fear, anxiety, shock and panic all came up together.

He didn’t know where this place was, or why did Nalan Hexi bring him here.

He only remembered that he drugged Hexi. He thought he got it, but he turned around and saw her half-smile face.

Nalan Ziyun thought Hexi brought him here to vent out her anger.
But he never thought that Hexi would want to kill him.

Because Nalan Ziyun was the younger brother of Nalan Hexi, the closest person to her in this world. Even if Nalan Hexi killed everyone, she wouldn’t kill her own brother right?

But at this moment, Nalan Ziyun finally panicked.

Nalan Hexi actually suspected that he was not her own brother. How could this be possible? Didn’t his father say that when Nalan Hexi’s real brother died, she was only four or five years old, and she didn’t remember anything at all?

Nalan Ziyun suppressed the panic in his heart, and he forced an awkward smile, “Sister, what are you talking about? Who else would I be if I’m not your brother?”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》