The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 730: Beg For Mercy
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 730: Beg For Mercy

“I, I’m my father’s most important son. In the future, I will be able to inherit the Nalan Family. The Jiuqu Lingshen Pill prescription of the Nalan Family will definitely fall into my hands. Your Highness King of Hell, as long as you save me… all these are yours… please, save me!”

Nangong Yuhalf half-smiled and glanced at Nalan Ziyun who was kneeling and kowtowing at him. He then looked at Hexi and said helplessly, “Xi’er, there are always people who want to give me a woman. But Xi’er can rest assured, my heart only has you. I will definitely… protect my chastity for you!”
Damn your chastity! Hexi pushed away the head that came close. She said irritably, “Shut up! Don’t talk nonsense.”

Nangong Yu only squeezed her little hand with a smile, and he stopped talking.

The atmosphere between the two was intimate and sweet, but in Nalan Ziyun’s eyes, his heart sank a little bit.

Obviously, His Highness King of Hell only had Nalan Hexi in his eyes. He would not save Nalan Ziyun at all.

Nalan Ziyun suddenly looked at Hexi and said tremblingly, “Third Sister, you… let me go, I’ll steal the Jiuqu Lingshen Pill prescription from father’s hand for you, okay? Right… right…”
Nalan Ziyun seemed to have suddenly remembered something, and he immediately said loudly, “Third Sister, I heard father said that he… he still has a trump card in his hand that can control you. He mentioned that as long as he still has this in his hand, you… you have to listen to him. Even if you marry to King of Hell, you will come back obediently.”

“Third Sister, you… don’t you want to know what father has in his hand? I… I can help you find out. As long as you don’t kill me… I will help you… Third Sister!”

Hexi slowly squatted down and looked at him again, then she looked into his eyes and chuckled, “Nalan Ziyun, don’t you know what Nalan Zhengze’s trump card is? But, I know! Should I tell you?”

Nalan Ziyun trembled again. He widened his eyes in fear.
Hexi continued, “Do you know? I came to this place with difficulties. Do you know what this place is? This is the underground of the Nalan Zhengze’s study room.”

“In this underground, I found this cave. There was a young man in the cave. He had an iron chain on his body and an iron helmet on his head. He couldn’t speak, and he could only make the sound of beasts. He ate and execreted in this cave everyday. All living environments are only this square land. The rancid smell of excrement, rotten and moldy meals, daily whipping and insults, fear and pain of blood dripping from the cut wound… He was enduring all these every day.”

Hexi said slowly. Her voice became cold and dull as if it contained gruesome killing intent, “I was hiding above this cave, and I saw Nalan Zhengze walked in here, whipped the young man, and threw a dish of rotten food, let him kneel down like a beast to lick… Then he said, An Lingyue, look at what your biological son looks like now…”

“My dear brother, you say, who is the biological son of An Lingyue in Nalan Zhengze’s mouth?”
Nalan Ziyun’s whole body seemed to be frozen. Fear and despair made his blood cold, and his hands and feet even trembled uncontrollably.

His gaze move slowly, and it finally landed on the young boy beside him.

The young boy tilted his head, met his gaze, grinned, and stared at him fiercely as if to warn him not to rob his sister. He was even making beast-like roars from his mouth.


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