The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 733: Consummation
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 733: Consummation

Seeing that his son was leaving, Zhu Yiqun quickly stuffed him with a pill. He smiled evilly, “Son, you also know that the little lady Nalan Family is not happy to marry you, she may cause trouble tonight. You smash this pill when you enter the room. Then, she won’t have the strength to resist you. Once you get her body, she will be yours completely.”

Zhu Zhongba was a little stupid, but not completely stupid. He immediately smiled in understanding when he saw the pill.
The father and son were whispering, but they didn’t know that two women dressed as a maid were looking at this side coldly not far away.

One of the maids in a lotus-colored floral dress said in a low voice, “The fat pig of the Zhu Family is really shameless. He even dares to covet our miss, hmph! Is he worthy of our miss with his ugly and disgusting appearance? Sister Si Qin, should we destroy that pill?”

The other maid called Si Qin sneered, “Idiot, what should we destroy it? Isn’t it better for Fatty Zhu to use the pill? Don’t forget, Nalan Hexi lies in the room. After Fatty Zhu uses it, what is done can’t be undone. Hehe… by the time, even if Nalan Hexi says that she is wronged, do you think anyone would believe her?”

As Si Qin, a cold and harsh expression slowly appeared between her brows.

She was Nalan Feixue’s personal maid, and she was likely to become her miss’ husband’s concubine when her miss marries.
If Nalan Feixue could marry the crown prince and become the crown prince’s wife, then one day she would become the crown prince’s concubine. She could even become the emperor’s favorite concubine one day.

Compared to Nalan Feixue marrying the fat pig, Zhu Zhongba, the treatment was totally different.

Therefore, Si Qin would never allow it. She must let Fatty Zhu and Nalan Hexi match successfully.

“You go and give Fatty Zhu a hangover soup. Make sure that he can’t see who the bride is when he enters the room.”
A meaningful smile appeared on Si Qin’s face.

The maid, who was wearing a lotus-colored flower dress, immediately leaned forward intently.

“Master Zhu, you are the bridegroom tonight, how can you become drunk. What if you scare our miss!”

Seeing the maid, who sent him the hangover soup, was pretty, Zhu Zhongba was bewildered in his heart. He took the bowl and drank without hesitation.
When returning the bowl to the maid, he also stretched out his fat hand and touched the maid’s smooth face, muttering, “What a beautiful girl. I will ask your miss to marry you me in the future. I’ll let you become my eleventh concubine. You will enjoy a good treatment in the future!

The maid smiled to go along with him, but she was extremely disgusted with the fat man in her heart. When she thought of the person inside and the joke between the Zhu Mansion and Nalan Hexi tomorrow, her face showed a sinister smile again.

Zhu Zhongba drank the hangover soup sent by the maid. When he walked into the room, he was already dizzy.

In fact, as a martial artist, ordinary wine wouldn’t make them drunk.

But Zhu Zhongba’s cultivation was too low after all. He was just at the Qi Refining stage. Together with the soup which was given by Nalan Yurong to the maid, the effect was amazing. It could let Zhu Zhongba hallucinate, but he wouldn’t lose consciousness and the ability to act.
Si Qin and the maid stood by the door, waiting quietly.

Sure enough, the sound of two body clashing came from the inside; there were also muffled shout, screams, pantings, moans, and cryings.


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