The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 737: Younger Brother Was also a Man
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 737: Younger Brother Was also a Man

“Soul eating voodoo was taken out?” Hexi frowned deeper. There were scruples and worries in her eyes, but there was more chilling cold. “Who planted the soul eating voodoo in Xiao Chi and who took it out? Could it be Nalan Zhengze? This man planted the soul eating voodoo in Xiao Chi, but he took it out again, what was it for? It couldn’t be that he felt guilty, right?”

“This is exactly what makes me feel strange.” Nangong Yu said, “When I checked Xiao Chi’s body just now, I felt a familiar aura at his dantian. When my Divine Sense touched this aura, the Love Devouring Voodoo, who is kept in my spiritual pet’ bag, was agitated. It seemed to want to escape.”
“I think, soul eating voodoo was being taken because of the strange aura in his dantian.”

Hexi was stunned. She quickly used the spiritual power to carefully check his brother Dantian.

But this time, she didn’t choose to use water spiritual power, but the wood spiritual power that was the origin of everything.

When the wood spiritual power entered Xiao Chi’s dantian and slowly rotated in it, a green light instantly spread from Xiao Chi’s dantian to all his limbs.

The next moment, something magical happened.
The scar that hadn’t fully healed on Xiao Chi’s body was scarred in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Chi, who was originally asleep, also grumbled and opened his eyes. When the purple eyes reflected Hexi’s figure, he immediately jumped in excitement, threw himself into Hexi’s arms, and hugged her tightly.

He kept muttering, “Sister…Sister…”

Hexi was surprised to find that this time, his voice and tone were much smoother. The movements of leaping over and hugging her just now were more agile and more like a person.
Could it be that the green light just now allows Xiao Chi’s wounds to heal non-stop, and finally survived Nalan Zhengze’s torture?

It was also the green light that caused Xiao Chi to expel or even kill the soul eating voodoo that was originally in his body?

As Hexi was about to try to condense the wood spiritual power again, suddenly, the teenager who was in her arms was pulled up by the collar.

Nangong Yu, with a cold face, threw away the boy who was grinning at him, and hugged Hexi into his arms as to show dominance.

The icy gaze fell on Xiao Chi’s body. He lowered his head and warm lips to kiss Hexi’s forehead, then he slowly and gently said, “Did you see? Your sister is my woman. I can forgive you since you are her brother. However, if you jump into Hexi’s arms again, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

When Nangong Yu glared, the boy who was still grinning immediately lowered his head, showing a grieved and scared expression.
His hands were hanging on his chest. His mouth was making a whining sound. His long hair was drooping. The pair of purple eyes were under his hair. He looked very pitiful no matter how.

Hexi slapped Nangong Yu’s face away irritably, and she couldn’t help but smile, “Don’t make trouble! Xiao Chi is my brother!”

“Younger brother is also a man. I don’t allow you to be so close to him.”

Nangong Yu reached out and hugged her back. Before Hexi got angry, he quickly said with a serious face, “Xi’er, I remember what that familiar feeling is. This kid’s body is sealed with a powerful force like you, but yours is sealing chaos dantian and his is sealing an item. It was that item that allowed him to expel the soul eating voodoo and protect his remaining souls.”

Hexi was really diverted. She immediately said, “Do you know what that item is?”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》