The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 739: Nalan Yurong’s Suspicion
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 739: Nalan Yurong’s Suspicion

Mei Lan hurriedly responded, “Miss, don’t worry. I will go quickly.”

“Yurong, what are you worried about?” Mrs. Nalan asked puzzledly, “Zhu Family is just a royal merchant. Their guards aren’t even at the Foundation Establishment stage. So what if they find out about the bitch isn’t Feixue? Don’t they still have to succumb to it? How would they dare to cause trouble here? Keeping that Nalan Hexi bitch, they can still be the in-laws of the Nalan Family; if they don’t want her, wouldn’t they lose everything?”

Nalan Yurong shook her head and said, “No! I still think things are strange. According to what I saw yesterday, the dead pig of the Zhu Family is an insistent dumbass. If he finds out his wife isn’t Feixue, but it is Nalan Hexi, that ugly monster, he will surely cause trouble. Mom, don’t you have a way to contact Nalan Feixue? Why don’t you ask how is she now?”

When Nalan Yurong said, Mrs. Nalan also became anxious and quickly took out the inscribed message jade slip.

The inscribed message jade slip could only communicate in a short distance. If Nalan Feixue was thousands of miles away, they could only send letters through the black market or use the expensive thousand miles voice transmission talisman.

However, before Mrs. Nalan could wait for the reply, Mei Lan had rushed back out of breath.

“Miss, I have already inquired clearly. From last night to now, everything is normal in the Zhu Mansion. I even asked the guards, and they said that the Zhu Family is very satisfied with this daughter-in-law. It was just that the daughter-in-law threw a tantrum in the morning, and she even injured the young master. However, she was subdued by the guards in the end. This matter had caused turmoil, but the news wasn’t spread out. The Zhu Mansion has hired a few experts to guard the bridal chamber strictly.

Mrs. Nalan only felt very happy when she heard the words. When she thought of Hexi’s miserable end, she couldn’t help but want to clap her hands and laugh out loud.

“Haha, that little bitch Nalan Hexi was so fierce this morning. Her virginity must have been broken by the fat pig of the Zhu Family. Hahaha… this bitch actually dared to cause trouble. Doesn’t she know that she has become the daughter-in-law of the Zhu Family. Her life and death will be in the hands of the Zhu Family.”

Mrs. Nalan became more excited as she talked. Even her body couldn’t help shaking. “Yurong, you don’t know that Zhu Zhongba is a famous pervert and addiction. He has robbed a dozen women back to his mansion. No one knows how many women were played to death by him. Now the concubines that are still alive in the Zhu Mansion aren’t easy to deal with. Now that bitch has fallen into that pit of hell, she can’t hold for long. What a miserable ending, hahaha…”

Mrs. Nalan laughed cheerfully.

But Nalan Yurong’s anxiety became stronger and stronger. She looked at Mei Lan, “You said it was Nalan Hexi who injured Zhu Zhongba?”

Mei Xiang nodded, “The room guards and maids said that it was the newly married madam, and they didn’t mention her name. They even said that Zhu Zhongba was being whipped by the new wife until he bled all over.”

Nalan Yurong frowned and said, “Nalan Hexi is clearly a trash. She has no cultivation at all, and even if Zhu Zhongba is useless, he is still a Qi Refining stage martial artist. How can Nalan Hexi beat Zhu Zhongba?”

What’s more, using a whip? Isn’t this Feixue’s favorite weapon?


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