The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 749: This Wonderful Momen
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 749: This Wonderful Momen

Moreover, Xiao Chi was also very hardworking. No matter how the little ones tossed him, he would always smiled stupidly.

Only when he saw Hexi, he would throw away the little ones and rush to her to coquet.
Of course, the premise was that there was no Nangong Yu by Hexi. Xiao Chi was terrified of Nangong Yu, the “brother-in-law”, who always threatened him.

At this moment, Little Dumb Cow was lying under Xiao Chi’s feet, sticking out his tongue and looking at Little Egg.

Little Egg sat on Xiao Chi’s knee and gnawed on a chicken leg, giving some to Little Golden Dragon and Little Dumb Cow a little from time to time.

Little Golden Dragon kept doing all kinds of funny stunts and chattering in Xiao Chi’s ear. He was born to be talkative, Little Egg and Hexi sometimes disliked him. Now there was Xiao Chi who wouldn’t dislike him. He was really happy for this.

As for Purple Abyss Vine, it wrapped around Xiao Chi’s hand and gently brushed his skin with the leaves, making Xiao Chi feel itchy and giggle.
Hexi looked up and saw such a scene. Everyone whom she cared was with her, and her beloved man was peeling grapes for her.

Such moments were quite good, making her nostalgic and smile sweetly.

In order for this wonderful moment to survive forever, she has to keep getting stronger until no one could take anything from her.

As if feeling her mood, Nangong Yu gently hugged her and whispered in her ear, “Xi’er don’t worry, as you said, I will protect you and everything you care about. I will swear by my deceased parents.”

Since Xi San became the shopkeeper of Shengde Hall, he had always thought that he had been accustomed to everything that happened.

However, when he received news from Hexi and asked him to report the news to King of Hell Mansion, he still felt cold feet.

He looked up at the towering plaque on top, and two black-shirted guards standing in front of the door.
The two guards guarding the gate belonged to the Meridians Stage, and they looked steadily ahead. Their bodies exuded a murderous aura like two sharp swords that would unsheath at any time.

My gosh! This is the King of Hell Mansion!

What did Miss ask me to come here? Is she here to treat King of Hell?

If that’s the case, Miss is too powerful. Even King of Hell is seeing her?

Xi San faintly knew that his Miss had a relationship with an important person, and that person even came to their simple courtyard. However, he would never ever expect that that person would be the famous King of Hell.

Xi San stepped forward tremblingly and explained his identity to one of the guards.

Unexpectedly, when the guard heard Xi San reporting his identity, he immediately showed a respectful expression, “Shopkeeper Xi, Butler Nan has instructed us that the princess has been waiting for you for a long time, please come in with me.”

Wait! Wait what! Who the hell is the princess? Why is the princess waiting for him?

Xi San followed the guard to the mansion almost in sync. He was feeling dizzy all the way.

However, when he arrived in the courtyard and saw the scene in front of him, he almost stopped breathing.
This, this, this… am I having illusion?

The unparalleled handsome man and exuded an astounding momentum. Is he Royal Highness King of Hell?!

Xi San had seen the heroic appearance of King of Hell, Nangong Yu from a distance. Besides, Nangong Yu had such an outstanding appearance. He had become the dream lover of female cultivators in the world before he was an adult. Anyone who had seen him would never forget his appearance.


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