The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 756: Came to Settle Score
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 756: Came to Settle Score

Even my master, Bai Hu, Wu Yu and others are looking forward to Miss’ foods every day.

But, with such top-notch cooking skills, Miss is willing to teach us so simply?

Hexi said disapprovingly, “What can’t you learn? If you two learn it, then in the future, my master, Wu Yu, Bai Hu and the other guys come to ask for food, you can help me deal with them.
When she first came to Miluo Continent, her cooking skills were also taught by Mammy Chen and Xiao Li.

It was just that things had changed. Mammy Chen was dead. Although Xiao Li was still alive, her cultivation was lost. She was now busy cultivating, so her cooking skills were also lost.

Mai Xiang and Qing Luan, one was clever and the other was calm and wise, and they were clever in handling daily tasks, so it was just nice to let them learn the cooking skills.

Hexi smiled and looked at the two, “Are you two willing to learn?”

“Yes! Yes! Of course I do!” Mai Xiang and Qing Luan nodded desperately, and Mai Xiang’s tears dropped with excitement, “Miss, I… it’s really great for me to meet you, oooh~”
Hexi was so dumbfounded by these two little girls. As she wanted to order Mai Xiang to not bother her, her expression looked stern, “Someone is coming.”

Mai Xiang stopped crying immediately. She stood up and walked to the room. Her cultivation was low, staying here would only cause trouble for Hexi.

Qing Luan stood beside Hexi and whispered, “Miss, is it the people from the Nalan Family?”

Hexi took a sip of tea and smiled slowly, “En, someone is here to settle the score.”
Not long after she spoke, the door of Xin Yue House was smashed open.

Nalan Yurong appeared at the entrance of Xin Yue House, followed by several martial artists from Meridians Stage. Mrs. Nalan with messy hair and bloodshot eyes was there too.

Seeing Hexi, Nalan Yurong’s pupils shrank suddenly. Her eyes were filled with jealousy, “Nalan Hexi, you are still here?”

Hexi put down the teacup and smiled delightedly, “Elder sister is really weird. If I’m not here, where should I be?”
Nalan Yurong gritted her teeth and stared at her fiercely, “Nalan Hexi, you are just an illegitimate child of unknown origin. You have no outstanding appearance and talent. You should have been trampled in the mud. How dare you show off in front of us? Have you forgotten how you knelt in front of the servants of the Nalan Family and begged them to give you a bowl of rice?”

“A person like you, do you think you are worthy of His Royal Highness King of Hell? I asked you to marry the Zhu Family to replace Feixue. It was originally a way for you to survive. Who knew that you would seek the hard way!”

Hexi sneered and said, “What kind of talent does Elder Sister think is worthy of King of Hell? Are you, Elder Sister mentioning yourself? What a pity, I remember that King of Hell beat up Elder Sister in front of everyone, and he even said that you are ugly. It has only been a few days, did Elder Sister forget about it?”

“Bitch, you shut up!!” Speaking of this, Nalan Yurong could no longer maintain her noble appearance, and she raised the volume and shouted in anger, “You bitch, you caused Feixue to marry that fat pig, Zhu Zhongba, and you seduced King of Hell, causing him to misunderstand me. I will never let you go!”

Standing aside, Mrs. Nalan, whose eyes were still somewhat distracted, heard Nalan Yurong’s sentence “You caused Feixue to marry that fat pig, Zhu Zhongba” and immediately recovered.


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